101 Instagram Tips for Bloggers, Influencers & Small Businesses

101 Instagram Tips For Bloggers Influencers and Small Businesses 9


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Hello! How are you today?

I’m going to assume that you want to grow your Instagram account if you’re checking it this blog post today. You’ve come to the right place, especially if you want tips n’ tricks that are actually going to make a difference to your engagement and growth. I’m not going to fluff and fuss too much before I delve right into the juicy information, but I am going to say one thing: 

Do not attempt to try every single tip on this page in one go. Aim to learn one thing at a time.

Learn it. Implement it. Make it second nature. Move on.

Trying to implement every tip in one go is going to take up so much of your time, you won’t have time to actually create content, and even the most fabulous and effective Instagram marketing strategy in the world is going to be useless when you don’t actually have stuff to share. 


If you have any questions or want to throw an opinion my way, feel free to leave your comments right at the bottom of this post. Alternatively, get in touch with me via the contact me page or my social media links. I’d love to hear from you. 


Anyway, enough of the talking.

Let’s get to it …


101 Instagram Tips for Bloggers, Influencers & Small Businesses


101 Instagram Tips For Bloggers Influencers and Small Businesses 4


1 – Use hashtags.

Don’t just use one or two random hashtags, REALLY use hashtags — the ones that are relevant to your business, blog, or whatever you’re talking about. You can add up to 30 per post, but some people say that using 30 makes things appear too spammy and cluttered. I tend to use between 20-30. 


2 – Don’t just use generalised hashtags.

I want to target local, Essex-based businesses for my social media and blogging services, and I’m not going to get that by using #socialmediamanager. I might find those local businesses if I use #Essex, #Southend, #Essexbusinesses, #Essexbusiness, #Essexbloggers, etc., though. 


Want 400+ Hashtags for Social Media Managers, Marketers & Experts? You’ll find a downloadable PDF guide in my resource library. Get FREE access with my Blogging 101 email newsletter here 📩


3 – Use a mixture of high and low-competition hashtags.

If you constantly use the ones that have a million plus other posts, you’re no doubt going to get lost in a sea of constantly-updating images. By mixing hashtags that have lots of hits with those that have fewer, you’re going to maximise your reach. 

Read more: How to Get More Likes on Instagram Using High-Performance Hashtags


4 – Use a couple of “lovely little random” hashtags.

If you’re a beauty blogger, don’t just use #beauty #beautybloggers #beautygram; add in a few that I like to call “lovely little random” hashtags.


Here are a few examples:











… you get the idea. 


5 – Don’t forget about days-of-the-week hashtags!

#MondayMotivation and all that … 


101 Instagram Tips For Bloggers Influencers and Small Businesses 5


6 – Don’t use banned hashtags.

This can result in you getting shadowbanned, which basically means growth is impossible, and your engagement will plummet. No one new will see your posts.

The most random hashtags are often banned, such as #ValentinesDay. 

Read more: How to Find out If You’re on an Instagram Shadowban

And: Are You Using Banned Instagram Hashtags?


101 Instagram Tips For Bloggers Influencers and Small Businesses 6


7 – Don’t use the same hashtags over and over again.

You’ll keep reaching the same communities and no new ones. You might also find yourself shadowbanned. Create a list of 50-100 hashtags and use different ones each time. Alternatively, sign up to my Blogging 101 email newsletter and get access to already-created lists with thousands of hashtags. I’ve got a resource library full of them, and access is totally free. 


8 – Don’t follow/unfollow.

People will HATE you for it. They might even name n’ shame you. It’s a brutal world out there, folks. 

Read more: Instagram Follow/Unfollow — I See You


9 – Get creative with captions.

Are you funny? I bet you are! Inject some humour into your Instagram captions. Get punny. Share anecdotes of funny times, or jokes that make you roar with laughter.

Don’t just tell the world there’s a new blog post; share how you spilled your coffee over your lap, broke your washing machine, but picked yourself up by publishing a new blog post that you’d love to hear other people’s thoughts on.

Tell your audience a story — YOUR story. 


10 – Ask for engagement.

Ask your audience to click on the link in your bio and read your latest blog post, or check out the new products on your website, or leave a comment with an opinion or answer, or sign up to the newest email newsletter.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get. 

Read more: How to Get Followers to Engage with You on Social Media.


11 – Ask a question.

People LOVE to give their opinions on stuff over the internet, so actually asking for opinions is bound to get the conversation started. Asking questions is the best way to get answers … also known as engagement. 


12 – Post on Instagram at the right time of the day …

… using Instagram insights to guide you. If you post when your audience is actually online and using the app, your engagement should go up. Potential likers and commenters are just sitting around on the app, scrolling, waiting for your post! 

There’s a little tutorial of how to find the best times to post using insights on my Instagram feed, just in case you’re interested.

Click the pic to see 👇🏻 

Don’t forget to follow me! 😋


101 Instagram Tips For Bloggers Influencers and Small Businesses 71


13 – Post on the right days of the week. 

Instagram Insights tells you the best days for your audience. 


14 – Post at the wrong times, sometimes.

Middle of the night posts for me (GMT) often work bizarrely well, because they attract international engagement.

Middle of the night posts are probably not going to win me more clients, though. My local business clients — on the same time zone as me — are going to be in bed. Sleeping. Like I should be. 


15 – Keep your eyes on Instagram Insights …

… because those stats and figures are likely to change. The times that are most popular with your audience now might not be the same as what they will be in a few months time when you have double the amount of followers and new popular time slots to work with. Keep a little diary where you can jot things down and refer back. 


16 – Switch to a business Instagram account if you haven’t already.

You’ll get access to those Instagram insights I keep talking about, plus a whole bunch of other tools that actually work to help you grow your account.

In case you can’t find where to do this: head to your profile, click on the three lines in the top right-hand corner that brings up the additional menu and then click on “Settings” right at the bottom. Again, heading towards the bottom, you’ll see a section that says “Account”. Right at the bottom of *that* section, you’ll find the Business/Personal switch option. 

Read more: Should You Switch From a Business Account to a Personal One on Instagram for Better Engagement?.


17 – Play around in Instagram insights.

Check out the various tabs and features. There’s plenty to explore in there, and all of the information will help you to understand your audience a little better. You can’t break anything, so go on: have a good rummage around. 


101 Instagram Tips For Bloggers Influencers and Small Businesses 8


18 – Get creative with your images.

Use filters.

Brighten them up.

Go nuts in Lightroom.

Read blogs on photography.

The better/more unique/more eye-catching your photos are, the more likely it is that someone will stop, look, and like. They’ll possibly comment and follow too. 


19 – Make use of free editing software.

There are many free editing apps that you can download right to your phone to make Insta-shots better in seconds. A few that I can personally recommend are —

  • Lightroom CC
  • VSCO
  • Quickshot


I also regularly use Aviary, Moldiv, Huji, and various others.


If you want something to help with Instagram Story-like layouts, I can highly recommend Unfold and Storyluxe. I love ‘em. 


20 – Use and edit stock photos …

… on the days you can’t find stuff of your own to post. Don’t know where to start? Check out my blog post >>> 75+ Places to Find Free Feminine Stock Photos For Your Blog. 


101 Instagram Tips For Bloggers Influencers and Small Businesses 1


21 – Don’t share other people’s images without asking.

It’s rude. Not only that, it’s digital theft. THEFT! The owner of that image will be very upset, and will likely call you out for it. Especially if you do this next thing too … 


22 – Don’t share other people’s images without credit.

Oooooft. This one’s a definite no-no. Don’t do it. You WILL get called out for it. The creator of that image has spent time creating it, and you’re sharing it like their hard work doesn’t matter.

It does matter.

It really does.

Ask before you share, and ALWAYS credit the artist … properly > tagging, mentioning, the works. 


23 – Get prop-tastic.

I get a lot of my props from Poundland. Seriously. Especially at Halloween and other occasions. Have a look on Instagram at the #flatlay photos and use them as inspiration to create your own beautiful snaps. You CAN take amazing photos with your iPhone. Sometimes, it just takes a little creativity.

Hint: Cheap, artificial flowers from eBay are the BEST photo prop EVER.


24 – Get inventive with your backdrops.

I’ve used everything you could think of for mine, from marble contact paper to a pink sweater gifted to me by a fashion company. There’s a little card shop along the road from me, run by this little old guy who should have retired a hundred years ago, and I always find cute wrapping paper in there. I’ve even kept wrapping paper and gift bags with colourful prints on them.

Cute photos come from the most surprising of places! 


25 – Don’t throw out props that no longer fit in with your theme.

Upcycle them instead!

Pink ornaments that no longer work with your new, neutral theme can be spray painted to better suit. You could also repaint vases, candle holders, dishes, trinkets, photo frames, and more. If you’re done taking photos with whatever it is in its current state, remodel it so that it looks different. Pinterest is the most amazing place to find simple and easy-to-follow DIY and crafts projects, and you would be amazed by how different something can look with a fresh lick of paint. Even fake flowers can be recoloured, as can fabrics. 




26 – Check out this blog post …

… on not ruining your own blog and social media images >>> 7 Things That Ruin Your Blog and Social Media Photos


27 – Like other people’s photos.

Then they’ll know that you and your account exists.

(And, you know, just because you actually like their content!) 


28 – Comment on other people’s photos.

Because engagement is great.

Repeat it again: engagement is great. 


29 – Follow likeminded accounts … 

Because it’s a great way to immerse yourself in the community that you want to be seen it. 


30 – But don’t unfollow them because they don’t follow you back.

Again, see point no. 8. 


31 – Follow accounts just because they share the most beautiful photos.

You’re going to spend a lot of time on your Instagram feed, especially if you want to see rapid growth. You might as well like what you see on your feed every day. 


32 – Tell people if you think their photos are AMAZING.

Just because it would be bloody wonderful if someone were to tell you that. You shouldn’t give Insta-love to receive it, but it’s called a SOCIAL media platform for a reason. 


101 Instagram Tips For Bloggers Influencers and Small Businesses 3


33 – Engage with little accounts as well as big accounts.

The bigger accounts have probably got so many notifications that yours will be missed, and the little accounts will 100% appreciate the love you’re sending their way. 


34 – Don’t take it personally when accounts/people don’t respond to your comments.

Maybe they’re just having an anti-social-media day that day? Or they missed your notification? 


35 – Learn about *this* Instagram hashtag shortcut trick.

This one: The Super Quick Instagram Hashtag Shortcut Trick

I’m not even kidding, it will save you HOURS of time. 


36 – Do some hashtag research.

Look at hashtags that other people are using. Use the Instagram search feature to find more hashtags.

Look at hashtags that other people aren’t using. Start your own hashtag. Also: refer back to point no. 2.


37 – Don’t feel pressured into trying Instagram Stories.

Or other features that you don’t feel ready for. 


38 – But don’t avoid those features entirely just because you’re scared of them.

Once upon a time, I didn’t understand Twitter and was totally overwhelmed by it. Now, it’s one of my favourite social platforms — and one of the biggest drivers of traffic to my vaping website. New stuff just takes a little bit of time to learn. 


39 – Use location tags.

If you’re talking about a local cafe, use the geolocation tool. If you’ve spent the day at Southend beach, tag that location on your post talking about Southend beach. It helps your potential new followers find you, and can also help you to find new clients, etc. (Refer back to point no.2.) 


101 Instagram Tips For Bloggers Influencers and Small Businesses 22


40 – Like and comment on Instagram photos and videos that have been shared in the local area to you.

You can do this by clicking on one of your photo’s location tags, which then brings up ‘Top’ and ‘Recent’ posts. If you want to get more exposure in the local area — or any specific area — this is a great way to do it. 


41 – Tag the company you’re talking about.

Are you reviewing a makeup product? Tag the brand.

Wearing Topshop shoes in your outfit today? Tag them. And tag them in the actual image, as well as mentioning them [@] in the caption. 


101 Instagram Tips For Bloggers Influencers and Small Businesses 11


42 – Check out whether or not the company you’re talking about uses specific hashtags.

This is usually stuff found in the account’s bio, that will give you a higher chance of being featured by them. 

@topshop asks for you to tag them [@] and use the hashtag #TopshopStyle for a chance to be featured on the feed. 


101 Instagram Tips For Bloggers Influencers and Small Businesses 10


43 – Try posting hashtags in the caption.

The “regular” way.


44 – Then try posting them in the comments instead.

Which one delivers better engagement? I’ve seen plenty of arguments for both, but I’m a caption gal myself. I’ve seen people suggesting you might get shadowbanned by posting hashtags in the comments. 


45 – Make your caption easier to read by using line breaks.

You can do this by writing the caption in Notes on your phone first, before posting it into the Instagram app, or by using social media scheduling tools, such as Later. Line breaks that are inserted into the pre-scheduled post stay in the published caption. 


101 Instagram Tips For Bloggers Influencers and Small Businesses 12


46 – Separate hashtags from captions.

If you’re going to add your hashtags to the caption, separate them by using full stops and line breaks. It stops things from looking too fussy and cluttered. 


101 Instagram Tips For Bloggers Influencers and Small Businesses 13


47 – Use social media scheduling tools to kick you up the butt.

This will make doing the next tip easier, and it avoids any “I forgot to post” moments. You can try most scheduling tools for free, and I recommend checking out Hootsuite or Later. 


48 – Plan your content in advance.

When you combine scheduling with forward planning, you have less of a chance of skipping days, not having content to share, and letting things slide. Planning your content also makes my next tip a bazillion times easier … 


49 – Pre-check the layout of your content. 

Use Later or other “layout”-style Instagram scheduling apps and websites to see how your feed will look once your scheduled or draft posts are published. It helps you to see whether or not one picture throws out your theme or trend. It also helps you to space similar photos out (such as outfit photos) so that your feed doesn’t look too same-old, same-old. Later actually gives you 30 free posts per month, without the need to upgrade. 


101 Instagram Tips For Bloggers Influencers and Small Businesses 14


50 – Don’t take a half-assed approach to Instagram.

It’s not the kind of social platform you can half work with; you’ve gotta give it all or nothing. I’ve seen a string of bloggers give up on Instagram entirely recently, choosing to focus all of that time on their blog or other, more beneficial platforms. It’s easy to spend hours on a strategy that gets you nowhere, which isn’t productive at all. 


51 – If it’s not working for you, don’t be scared to give Instagram up completely.


You don’t NEED all social media platforms in order to have a successful blog or business. You don’t NEED Instagram. If you’re spending hours working on your content and strategy all the time, but the platform doesn’t drive any traffic to your website/blog or generate sales, it’s probably not worth all of the time you’re putting into it. Instagram doesn’t work for everyone. It’s totally okay to admit that it’s not working for you.  


52 – Share, share, share away …

Share your Instagram posts to Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook using Instagram’s inbuilt ‘Share’ option.

(Click on the three little dots that brings up the menu on a specific post.)


101 Instagram Tips For Bloggers Influencers and Small Businesses 15


53 – Embed your Instagram posts in blog posts.

You can learn how to do that (and why) here >>> How to Add Instagram Content to a WordPress Blog Post.


54 – Share your Instagram account/feed in blog posts.

I use a WordPress plugin called Instagram Feed for this blog. 

See 👇🏻


55 – Look at the Shareaholic plugin for WordPress blogs if you haven’t already.

It’s what drives the social media links that you can see popping up on this very page! 


56 – Make sure your Instagram link is easy to find on your blog or website.

Shareaholic helps with that, but there are other places you can add it. I’ve written all about that here >>> Ways to Get Social Media Followers For Your Blog – Avoid This Very Common Mistake.


57 – Work with other bloggers or businesses for cross-promotion.

They’ll tag you and you’ll tag them, and that will open you both up to each other’s audiences. 


58 – Have an actual personality.

Let your Instagram feed be YOUR Instagram feed. Don’t try to be like anyone or everyone else. There’s already too many of those copy-cats anyway. 


59 – Look into the idea of Instagram pods with an open mind.

They CAN work, but they can also be a complete waste of time. That’s something I talk about here >>> What Are Instagram Pods? (And Everything Else You Need to Know About Them).


60 – Make sure your bio is fully optimised.

Your profile should make it very clear what you do and what you can offer a potential follower or customer. Fill out all of the boxes properly and with the information that a potential customer or reader would want. 


101 Instagram Tips For Bloggers Influencers and Small Businesses 16


61 – Don’t be afraid to delete an image that hasn’t done well …

… and then repost/share it at another time or on another day. I’ve noticed this happening a lot, particularly with fashion and beauty bloggers. 


62 – Don’t be afraid to delete photos that haven’t performed well, in general.

When you remove poorly-engaged posts, your engagement will increase because the posts that are left are good-engagement ones. Make sense? 


101 Instagram Tips For Bloggers Influencers and Small Businesses 17


63 – You can always archive images that you don’t fit into your theme.

This doesn’t delete them but instead hides them from public view. You can still see and access them. 


64 – Fancy adding more than one link to your Instagram bio?

Check out Linktree. You can add multiple links, to different blog posts, web pages, social media platforms, whatever you like. It’s free, although there is a premium upgrade for extra options. (I use the freebie version.) 


101 Instagram Tips For Bloggers Influencers and Small Businesses 18


65 – Learn about *your* good-performance content.

If a particular type of content does well (such as fashion videos/simple coloured backdrops/etc.), use the same approach again. Create more, similar (but still new and unique) content.

I noticed that my fashion illustrations were doing quite well on Instagram, so I created more of them. My blog gives tips n’ tricks for ALL blog niches, so attracting fashion-based accounts works well for me. 


66 – Don’t give up on poorly-performing ideas too quickly.

If a particular type of content TANKS, try it a couple more times before throwing it out completely. You might have posted the content at the wrong time, used the wrong hashtags, or both. Try the same style a couple more times, changing the variables, and if it still tanks, THEN throw it out. 


67 – Seriously consider using Instagram ads …

… if you feel like ad expenditure would be worth it for your business. They CAN work to bring in masses of paying customers. Unfortunately, they can also prove a total waste of money if you don’t use them correctly. 


68 – Don’t feel pressured to use Instagram ads just because everyone else is.

You don’t NEED to pay for growth. It’ll probably take a bit longer to do things the non-paid way, but there’s no point in clearing out your bank balance for a few thousand Insta-followers. Those followers are not necessarily going to help you pay the bills. 


69 – Don’t be a negative Nancy.

So what if you don’t like so-and-so’s hair? You don’t need to tell them that.

What was it that Thumper said in Bambi?

Oh yes: “If you can’t say nuthin’ nice, don’t say nuthin’ at all.”

Sometimes, just sometimes, it’s okay to secretly hate on something and pass it by WITHOUT leaving a shitty comment. 


70 – Don’t argue with people on Instagram.

Seriously, it’s just not worth it.

The internet, specifically trolls, love to argue about something — anything. It doesn’t matter what it is. You are well within your right to reply to someone who’s being a douchebag to you, but remember that there’s a digital footprint of what you’re saying. And we all say things in anger that we wished we could take back later, ya know? But if you say something you shouldn’t on social media, someone’s gonna screenshot it, send it around various messaging groups, and probably name n’ shame you for it VERY LOUDLY for everyone else to join in with the bashing.

Take it from someone who knows … It’s well worth picking your battles online. 


71 – Don’t share pictures of your kids.

Now, obviously, this one’s down to you, but I highly advise against it. I’ve seen some shocking stuff on Twitter — kids images being stolen from Instagram and shared about amongst other, definitely NOT family-friendly content. Your safety and the safety of your family is at stake here. Be very mindful of the content you’re sharing with the world … because you are quite literally sharing it with the world. 

Also, and this is just a thought, what happens if your kids get mad at you for sharing all of their baby pictures with the world, when they’re old enough? I get annoyed when my parents bring out the family photos at private family parties … I’d be so mad if they started sharing them on Facebook! 


72 – Check out the backgrounds of EVERY image.

I’ve seen florists share photos with customer details scribbled on scraps of paper visible towards the edges of the image.

I accidentally once shared a photo that I didn’t crop properly, with my spilled-out handbag in the corner. A tampon, a train ticket, and a snotty tissue weren’t meant to be in shot.

These things happen, but get into the habit of “proofreading” your images in the same way that you proofread your blog posts. 


73 – Opt for a clear profile picture.

It’s the dinkiest space ever, so an image with text is pointless. No one will be able to read it. You could upload a single, clear logo, or a photo of you lookin’ dapper.

Just remember: your profile image is the first impression you give to potential new readers and clients. First impressions are important. 


101 Instagram Tips For Bloggers Influencers and Small Businesses 23


74 – Delete spam and bot followers.

These will get easier to spot the more you use the platform, but leaving them as a follower could seriously hinder your engagement. These bots and fake users are NOT going to engage with you, and when they do, it’s usually just a non-sensical, spam comment that won’t benefit you in any way. Having a bunch of spam or non-engaging followers will bring your overall engagement right down. 


75 – Respond to comments.

All of them.

Every single one, even if it’s just to say thanks.

The engagement will help you to grow your account. 


76 – Keep comment engagement going by asking questions in your replies.

Questions require responses — more comments, more engagement. 


77 – Delete comments that upset you.

Seriously, don’t even give them a second thought; just delete them. If it’s a cruel jibe or some troll blah, it’s not worth your time, effort, or upset. 


78 – Leave comments and respond to comments with text that is five words or more.

And five emojis don’t count. This is actually something I talk about in a lot more detail in >>> Instagram Comments and Engagement — 6 Things You’re Doing Wrong.


79 – Switch between photos and videos.

Video marketing is *the* trend right now. Everyone’s jumping on that bandwagon. You could share behind-the-scenes Boomerang-style snippets or more put-together pieces. The put-together stuff that meets your theme’s requirements can go on your feed, with the not quite good enough ones thrown on your Insta Stories instead. There’s a little place for everything. Isn’t it crazy how much Instagram has grown?

** Boomerang is a pretty funky videoing app. Take a peek if you get the chance. 


80 – Feature your audience.

Are you a business? One of the best approaches you can use to grow your own channel is to feature the images of your customers or clients.

In fact, you don’t even need to be a business to do this; bloggers and influencers can benefit too. Create your own hashtag and check that no one else is using it for a campaign. Then, ask your audience to do something.

If you’re a fashion business, you could ask your customers to share photos of themselves wearing your garments, using a specific hashtag. You can then regram (share) them to your feed.

If you’re a beauty blogger, you could ask your audience to put together a range of colour-themed makeup looks, that you plan to share on your feed. You could ask your audience to then vote on looks, turning it into a mini competition of your own.

There are PLENTY of ideas. Ask me if you’d like to hear a few more! 


81 – Share details of your other social networks on Instagram.

Ask your followers to check you out on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/etc. 


101 Instagram Tips For Bloggers Influencers and Small Businesses 19


82 – Don’t worry about matching photo to caption.

Here’s a great tip: your Insta snaps and videos don’t necessarily need to reflect what you’re talking about in the caption. I’ve seen fashion bloggers sharing an outfit they wore last Thursday, with a caption telling a joke about penguins. It really doesn’t matter if the two don’t match. The image is designed to draw attention to the caption, which is then meant to lure people to click on your blog or website through the link in your bio. 


83 – If you can’t think of a caption, use a quote.

It could be a deep and meaningful one or a funny line that you heard another blogger say. Just credit whoever the quote belongs to with a tag. If possible, obviously. You can’t tag Marilyn Monroe in her famous quotes!


84 – If you can’t think of a caption and don’t fancy sharing a quote …

… how about sharing a tip instead? What are you an expert in? Share your knowledge with the world! 


85 – Or a fun fact?

About you? Or about something you know a lot about? I know a lot about American pest control [bizarrely], as a pest control guy is one of my long-time clients. I’ve been writing his rat-related stuff for about seven or eight years. Seriously, ask me anything about rats or rodent control. I’m an expert on the subject! (Don’t use poison.) 



86 – And if none of those options work …

… why not use a copied chunk of text from your blog post as the caption? It’s not like you didn’t just spend hours creating that blog post content in the first place. What’s the point in coming up with MORE? Use a chunk of your post as a teaser to the rest. I talk about this in more detail here >>> Are You Using Your Blog Posts for Social Media Content?


87 – Share more than one picture.

When I see that little symbol in the top right-hand side of an Instagram post, I’m immediately intrigued. If the first image is cute or bright enough, I’ll definitely want to see more. It keeps me on your image for a little while longer, and also encourages me to read the caption.

If you’ve only ever shared one image at a time, get into the habit of sharing more than one every now and again. You could try an “Instagram versus real life” post, or a before-and-after, or just five different shots of the same thing, or five of exactly the same shots with different filters, or one item in lots of colours …

I could probably carry on for some time, but I’ll stop now. You get the idea. 


101 Instagram Tips For Bloggers Influencers and Small Businesses 24


88 – Create a backup folder.

Have a few photos that are Insta-ready, perhaps similar to what you’ve already published, but won’t look TOO similar if you share them far enough apart. (The same outfit posts, for example.) I like to keep “backup” Instagram posts in the Later app on my phone, with generic, anytime captions. If I don’t have something new to share, I have the backups to rely on. 

Read more: Where to Find Content for Instagram When You Have Nothing to Post.


89 – Know your audience.

Taking you back to Instagram insights, you can find out the demographics of your audience, allowing you to tailor your content to suit them better. I can tell that my audience is mostly in London, Southend, or Essex, aged between 25 and 34, and mostly female (65%).

Once you know your own audience, you can get a better grasp of how to give them what they want. I can also use that same information to target areas that my content is not reaching, such as close towns or cities. 


90 – Ask your audience to turn on post notifications.

This means they’ll be notified whenever you post. They might not do it of course (many of them probably won’t), but some might. Give them the content they’re looking for and you’ll have no problems getting them to turn those notifications on. 


101 Instagram Tips For Bloggers Influencers and Small Businesses 211


91 – Use post notifications to keep up to date with your favourite accounts …

… or your competitors. If you want to be the first to find out what they’re doing differently, those phone-beeps will help you to do just that. 


92 – Don’t like some of the photos that you/your account has been tagged in?

Just want to clean things up a bit? You can hide the posts you don’t like by clicking on the three little dots that opens up the menu, and then clicking on photo options. From there, you’ve got a couple of options — you can remove the tag completely, or just remove the image from your tagged images but remain tagged. 


101 Instagram Tips For Bloggers Influencers and Small Businesses 20


93 – How about total manual control?

You can also set your account to manually approve each tagged image, in the same way that you can manually approve posts you’re tagged in on Facebook. This is found in settings > privacy and security > photos of you. 


94 – Take time off.

Honestly, don’t be afraid to just because your Insta-followers will go down the pan. Anything can happen. The algorithm might not like you one day, resulting in a loss of 100 followers and 50% of your usual engagement. The platform might go down like it did the other day, with everyone losing their minds about it.

You can’t be on the ball all the time, so don’t be afraid to let your Instagram strategy slide.

It’s just a social media platform. There are others. You’ll get those followers back.

Don’t panic. 


95 – Have some fun.

I started to enjoy using Instagram a lot more when I implemented my rainbow theme (despite saying I wouldn’t have a theme at all), and then tried to focus on the colourful, fun side of things, rather than the serious numbers side of things. If you’re having fun with it, proud of the content you’re creating, then that’s all that matters. The rest will come.

You can’t expect anyone else to love your Instagram feed if you can’t love it yourself. 


96 – Post at least once per day.

Post twice on the days that seem to generate the most engagement for you. You can figure this out using Instagram Insights. If you miss a few days, your follower count will go down quicker than you can say ‘disappointment’. 


97 – Don’t focus on the numbers.

I know the whole point of this exercise is to boost your numbers and get as many likes, comments, and followers as possible, but you’re going to be disappointed with Instagram a lot more than you’re happy with it. Even the hottest Instagrammers complain about the platform, on other platforms. The less you concentrate and stress out about the numbers, the easier ride you’ll have. 


101 Instagram Tips For Bloggers Influencers and Small Businesses 25


98 – Do not buy followers.

Don’t do it.

Your social stats on sites like Social Blade and Ninjalitics will give the game away (if someone goes looking) and you WILL get publicly called out for it. Everyone (the blogging/influencing/marketing community) looks down their noses at those who buy followers. It’s unethical, inorganic growth that steals opportunities away from other people who are actually working really hard and not getting anywhere fast. You can read more about this here >>> Buying Followers … Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Do It.


99 – Consider making your account private.

This is just a suggestion. I haven’t attempted this strategy. It’s a brave one, that’s for sure. The idea is that you create this little gated community that someone needs to be approved to be able to get into, giving them FOMO (fear of missing out). They click on the request-to-follow button because they worry they might be missing out on something awesome. It doesn’t always work, though. You’ve gotta play this one really well. 


100 – Don’t pay for hashtags.

I’m all for people doing what they gotta do to make some money, but I feel like charging for hashtag lists isn’t necessary.

Firstly, I’ve got a whole bunch of niche-list-hashtags in my resource library, and they’re all FREE if you sign up to my Blogging 101 email newsletter.

Secondly, it actually doesn’t take too much time for you to compile your own list of appropriate hashtags — for nothing. Tailwind (social media scheduling tool) even offers hashtag suggestions, making the list-making a truckload easier and quicker. I’ve seen very few good things about purchased hashtag lists … and a whole loada bad things! 


101 – Follow me on Instagram!

I promise to deliver the hottest Instagram tips in the most rainbow way. 



So … 

What do you think? Did you learn something new? I really hope so. I’d love to hear your thoughts, either way, so feel free to leave your comments in the space below this post. And, ya know, feel free to share it … wink, wink, nudge, nudge. 

Thanks for stopping by! Get in touch with me if you’ve got any questions, or would like some help throwing together a fabulous Instagram strategy for your blog or small business. 


Have an awesome day! 💎






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8 Thoughts to “101 Instagram Tips for Bloggers, Influencers & Small Businesses”

  1. I’m trying different things to grow my following recently. I’ve been using lots of hashtags on my latest posts and it actually does seem to work. I used to be a bit half-arsed about hashtags but they definitely increase your reach if you get the right ones! Thanks for sharing your fab tips x

    Samantha | https://thebeautyspyglass.com

    1. ukwordgirl

      Hey Samantha,

      I think I might have gotten myself shadowbanned or something recently 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ My engagement has dropped disappointingly low. I have noticed that using completely different hashtags on each post has worked for a few other Insta accounts I manage, though!

      Keeping my fingers crossed that my account behaves itself soon 🤣


      1. Hope so! It’s so annoying that there’s no consistency for our accounts!

  2. Great tips! I didn’t know about Instagram banning certain hashtags, I’m going to look further into this especially if they choose completely random ones!

    Tori | JustTheBeginning-x.com
    Latest Post: Vidcon 2019 & My New Youtube Channel!

    1. ukwordgirl

      Hey Tori,

      Some of them are so random! I think it’s when the community abuses a hashtag, like, turning something innocent into something naughty. I also read that Instagram will ban a hashtag if they get a lot of reports on photos that contain it. I wrote a blog post on it ages ago & the banned ones then are totally different to what’s banned now. These were banned in July 2017: #eggplants #desk #everybodyisbeautiful #elevator #mirrorphoto #streetphoto …

      SO RANDOM!

      I kept trying to update the banned list, but it was actually impossible.

      Thanks for stopping by + commenting!


      P.S. Here’s the July 2017 list in case you’re interested > https://ukwordgirl.com/using-banned-instagram-hashtags

  3. These are some great tips! Instagram can be a difficult platform to grow but it’s also a fun one to take part in! Thanks for sharing!

  4. jade

    so many usefull tips! loved this post


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