100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers [81-90]

Twitter Suggestions For Bloggers


Having a tough time coming up with ideas of what to post on Twitter, Facebook, etc.? I’ve got your back! This is part 8 of the 100 Twitter Suggestions for bloggers series, but you’ll find links to all of the others scattered around. The aim of the game is to get people talking, and there are conversation starters here to suit any kind of blogger, no matter what the niche. They’re bound to offer you plenty of engagement.  


Just in case you missed it, you’ll find the first part of this series here:


100 Twitter Suggestions for Bloggers [81-90]

These content suggestions are great for Twitter, but they’re also great for blog posts, vlogs, Facebook posts, Instagram captions, and much more. Keep things short n’ sweet when you want to work on your Twitter strategy, expanding on the information for blog posts and longer captions. 

There are ten Twitter suggestions for bloggers here … but this post actually contains plenty more content ideas, no matter where you publish your work or the niche you blog about. 


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81 – Ask followers how they take their tea / coffee / vodka …

Everyone has a cup of tea or coffee in the morning, right? Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t need caffeine to function, that’s what I say. 


I’m kidding. I would like to know how those people survive a caffeine-free day, though. Seriously, how do you crazy lot do it?!

The perfect-cup-of-tea debate rages regularly among British social media users, and I personally guarantee that it’ll be an engagement generator for you. 

In case you’re wondering, I take mine strong with one level teaspoon of sugar and a blip of milk. Please and thank you! 


Part Three: 100 Tweet Suggestions For Bloggers 21-30


82 – Ask your new followers to shout out and introduce themselves so you can say hello.

The more you know about your audience, the more you can give them what you want. In turn, that makes you a blogger they MUST follow … and talk about. 

Ask your audience to say hello, then ask them questions. Ask them about ANYTHING. Literally, anything. That’s how you get to know someone … That’s how you get to know your audience.

There are a million and one questions you could ask, ranging from food choices to religious ideals, TV recommendations, places to go, people to see, and so much more. 

You should definitely ask your new followers to say hello. More than that, though, you should ask them what they like.


  • What do they like to read on your blog?
  • What other blogs would they recommend?
  • What beauty products can they not live without? 
  • Which blogging resources can they not live without? 
  • What 3 things would they take to a desert island?
  • What are their blog links so that you can take a peek … 


You get the idea? And it all starts with a humble hello! 


Part Four: 100 Twitter Suggestions For Bloggers 31-40


83 – Tweet your favourite photo + ask your readers to share theirs with you.

My favourite photo right now is this one of my Nan. She passed away a little ago, from blood cancer, and my heart still hasn’t recovered. The grief is real, people. 


Twitter Suggestions For Bloggers 3


I love this photo because it’s exactly how I remember my Nan — happy, beaming smile, pottering around in her much-loved garden, and playing with whatever newfangled gadget I’d brought home that week. I’d been to Dickens Festival in Rochester, Kent that weekend, and my gadget of choice was a bubble blower. As you can tell, she absolutely loved it. I’ve got so many photos of us playing around in her back garden with that bubble blower … and we’re both grinning like idiots in every single one. 


What photo makes your heart happy right now? 


Don’t want to share a personal story? Share your latest awesome Instagram image. That’s a photo you love right now, isn’t it?

And who said the photo needs to be a recent one? You could share an old photo just because it brings you happy memories. 


Tag me if you do this on social media, I’d love to see your much-loved shots! 


Part Five: 100 Tweet Suggestions For Bloggers 41-50


84 – Join in with #FF | #FollowFriday 

(On Friday, obviously.)

#FF is a shortened version of #FollowFriday, and the aim of the game is to create a list of other Twitter accounts that you love. 

You could create a list of 4/5/10 bloggers that you’ve been reading that week, or new bloggers that you love. 

How about a list of long-time bloggers that you’ve been obsessed with since day one?

What about sharing a bunch of bloggers @’s with less than 1,000 likes? We should be supporting small bloggers like we’re supporting small businesses! 


Part Six: 100 Tweet Suggestions For Bloggers 51-60


85 – Tweet a sentence with a fill-in-the-blank.

Do you have something big or exciting coming soon to your blog? Why not tell people about it … without actually telling them. 

Get them to guess! 

Who doesn’t love a game? 


  • Let them know that you’re working with a big, new brand and you can’t wait to tell them all about it. [Contract permitting.]
  • Tell them that you went on a massive shopping spree in a certain shop. Can they guess which shop it was using the fill-in-the-blanks. 
  • Are you reviewing something? A beauty product? Tell them the outcome … with a fill-in-the-blanks. Don’t give the game away; just give your audience enough to get really excited about it. So excited that they subscribe and follow you everywhere to ensure they don’t miss it. 


Fill-in-the-blank mini-games are just one form of game-playing on Twitter and other social media platforms, and it’s a great way for you to get your audience engaged. If you’ve got something to offer as a prize to the/a winner at the end of it, great. Something like early access to one of your newest resources, or a free hour of your social media marketing and management time? 

If not, it doesn’t matter. Just do it for fun. 


Part Seven: 100 Tweet Suggestions For Bloggers 61-70


86 – Get involved with a seasonal/annual event.

There are plenty of them — events, occasions, international/national and world days, and even weird ‘days of the year’. July 9th is #CowAppreciationDay in the US … a day-of-the-year originally founded as a smart marketing campaign by Chik-Fil-A. 

There are plenty of events and occasions going on around the world, and there are plenty of ways in which you can make those events, days and occasions relevant to you or your blog content. 


Take #TellAnOldJokeDay — Tell An Old Joke Day as one example — July 24th. Tweet an old joke that your Grandpa told you once. Or the “Dad joke” your Dad tells every Christmas. 

Can’t think of a joke? Google a joke! The older, cheesier, and more childish, the better. 


This doesn’t promote any of your content.

It doesn’t ask anyone to click on a link in your bio, unlike most of your other posts; and it doesn’t contain a link to something that you want your audience to sign up to. No affiliate links, no ads, no sponsored posts. 

Just good, old-fashioned social media content. 


Not every single tweet that you send out there needs to promote something. That’s not what these Twitter suggestions for bloggers are for. It’s not recommended to tweet your own blog promo constantly. Break things up with REAL conversations — ones that encourage REAL engagement from your audience AND new followers. 


Part Eight: 100 Twitter Suggestions For Bloggers 71-80


87 – Tweet about a new blogging resource you recently found.

I’ve recently discovered the absolute joys that Elementor can bring to the blogging table, and I can’t stop telling people about it. I love it. 


Twitter Suggestions - Elementor Blogging Resources


I first downloaded the drag-and-drop WordPress page builder plugin to create a resource library for this blog. Then, I used it to create my landing page for Instagram. Following on from that, I used the plugin to create an Instagram landing page for another of my sites — best-ecig.co.uk | instagram.com/bestecig — and I’m currently in the middle of using the plugin again to give other pages on that site a makeover. 

Elementor is a FREE plugin for WordPress that literally allows you to select, drag, drop, and then fill-in-the-gaps to create beautiful blog posts and pages. It’s very easy to use — perfect for an absolute blogging beginner with no coding knowledge.


What’s your latest blogging resource obsession?


88 – Tweet & ask a question about something you read on social media that day.

If you’re looking for a conversation starter, look no further than what is already on social media. Twitter is such a fast-paced platform, there’s always going to be something new for you to find. 


Start with the trending tab. This is what the world of Twitter is already talking about. As I write this (June 5th, 2019), a few of the trending topics are —

  • #WorldEnvironmentDay | #BeatAirPollution | #WorldEnvironmentDay2019
  • #DDay75
  • #BlackMirror
  • #WednesdayWisdom


Twitter Trending Suggestions


If I watched Black Mirror, I could totally join in with the trending conversation by using the hashtag and sharing my thoughts. 


Alternatively, I could share with my followers what I’m doing to help do my bit for a happier planet, using the hashtag #WorldEnvironmentDay. If I had blog posts published on my blog about such a subject, I could share them. 


Let’s just pretend that I’m one of those super organised people for a moment (I’m not); I could plan in advance and create blog content to share on World Environment Day. How about beauty brands with minimal/eco-friendly packaging? Or tips on how to create a more planet-friendly makeup bag? Or eco-friendly fashion brands? Interior design brands? Energy-saving home tips? It’s all content related to World Environment Day, and you might just have the power to convince someone to make animal-friendly or Earth-friendly choices too. 


89 – Tweet a song that you’re listening to right now.

Or your latest playlist. 

Or what music you like to listen to as you blog. I like to write with the TV quietly playing in the background. If it’s too loud, it’s distracting. If it’s too silent, I get jumpy. 

Or a song that you’ve listened to so many times, you’re actually humming it in your sleep. 


Helpful blog post: 300+ Blog Post Ideas For Valentine’s Day


90 – Tweet a recent tutorial or Youtube video you watched/followed/recreated.

This actually works as a really good all-round content prompt, as well as giving you something to share on Twitter and other social platforms. 


💄 If you’re a beauty blogger, find a tutorial for a makeup look you love (or hate) and then try to recreate it. Giving credit to the original artist is always a good idea (unless you want to get lynched), and you put yourself on their radar when you do. 

🍝 You could do the same thing if you’re a food blogger — find a video recipe that you love and then recreate it, tweaking it so that it matches your dietary needs (gluten-free/vegetarian/etc.). Don’t forget to tag and give credit to your inspiration — and share their video. 

👗 The same goes for fashion vloggers or Instagrammers, crafts content creators, travel bloggers or influencers, and many other niches. I’m not saying that you should copy the work of other people, but you can use it as inspiration. (Especially if you specifically state that you’re using it as inspiration.) 



So, what do you think? Are there a few Twitter/social media prompts here that you think you might use? Give me a shout and let me know. You can get in touch by leaving your comments in the box below, or by checking me out on social media. Don’t forget to leave your blog links so I can come and take a peek. 

Thanks for reading, have an amazing day!


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