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Hello, bloggers/content creators! What’s happening with you? Are you having a great day? I sure hope so. 


You’re here today because you’d like to boost your Twitter goings-on, right? Twitter is a GREAT marketing platform for a blog, provided you do things the right way. Not that there is a wrong way to Twitter market yourself, but there are steps you can take to speed up the growth process. 

You actually need to start Tweeting, though. 


When I asked a few bloggers and small businesses why they felt their Twitter marketing strategy wasn’t quite working out for them, these were a few of the responses: 

I really don’t know what to Tweet about. 

I did Tweet some of my blog links, but nothing really happened so I just gave up. 

Twitter is a bit confusing and I don’t really know what’s going on. 


We’ve all felt like that, haven’t we? 


Whether you understand Twitter/Twitter marketing or not, the one thing that is guaranteed to boost your numbers is engagement. In order to get that engagement, you’re going to need to go looking for it. To be honest, it’s not that difficult … You just need to start Tweeting. 

Thankfully, I’ve got a few suggestions to get you started … 


100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers [71-80]


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71 – Tweet about a blogging resource that you found really disappointing. 

As much as your readers love reading about all the good stuff, they REALLY love to read about the bad stuff too. As humans, we have this weird and rather obnoxious quirk of wanting to know all the juicy gossip when things GO DOWN. Heck, you might as well give us it.

(In some cases, they’ll only make it up when you don’t fill in the blanks.)


If you used a product that you found really disappointing, perhaps a social media resource or something else bloggy, or maybe even a beauty product, household item, or anything else that you can think of, talk about it. Tell your readers about it. I’m not telling you to bash the company or manufacturer to within an inch of its life because that’s not cool at all, but you can give a pleasant and diplomatic negative review of something if you really try. I do it a lot over on my vaping website. I can’t be expected to like every device I receive or every eliquid that comes through my front door.

Everything is subject to MY opinion.

It’s MY blog.

I’m never a total b*tch about it, though. I don’t suggest that you be a total b*tch about it either.


However … telling your readers about a bad experience you’ve had might prevent another customer from having a similar unpleasant experience.


P.S. Have you seen the other parts to my 100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers? You’ll find 1-10 HERE.



72 – Tweet about something you do every day, without fail.

Do you always get coffee from Costa on the way to work every day? Maybe you always grab an extra cup of tea or bottle of water for the homeless chap that sits outside? Perhaps you say good morning to the same friendly old man checking his post every morning?

We all have routines. I like to wake up and check the day-before’s stats for my websites on my iPad, before having a cup of tea and a vape. I’ll check my emails (and then probably forget about them). And then I’ll put all the stuff I need on my desk to start working, my hair all over the place and my PJ’s still firmly on.


So, basically, my morning routine usually involves NOT getting dressed … but what about yours?



73 – Tweet about something that’s coming up on your blog.

Do you know how many Tweets are sent out into the Twitterscope each day? Around 500 million of them.




Twitter Suggestions for Bloggers 1


You’re going to need to up your game if you want to stand out in that crowd. And what a crowd it is.


By Tweeting about something coming up on your blog soon, you’re generating some interest. A little bit of a buzz. Excitement. You’re giving people a glimpse of what’s to come, but you’re not giving too much away. If they were intrigued enough by the first mention of it, they might just click the follow or subscribe button so that they can be one of the first to read it when you finally publish that blog post or video you’ve got coming up.


Are you a beauty blogger with a box full of goodies that you’re slowly making your way through and reviewing? Tell your followers what’s in the bag. Not all of the items. Just a few of them. Share a sneak peek photo or two. Get excited about it. Make a big deal about it.

Don’t you want your audience to get excited and make a big deal about your blog/channel?


Are you a foodie blogger with some delicious Christmas recipes coming up? Tell your audience. Let a few recipe names slip through the net. Give them weird and wonderful names with the intention of asking your audience to work out what you’re actually going to cook. You could even ask your audience if they have any tips or suggestions.

It’s all engagement generation, plus you might just learn a trick or two!


P.S. Have you seen the other parts to my 100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers? You’ll find 11-21 HERE.



74 – Ask another Twitter user a question about their blog or photos, etc.

“How do you get your Instagram photos so bright and beautiful?”

“Giiiiirrrrrrl, I love that sweater! Where did you get it from?”

“You’re looking fine these days. What are you using on your skin?”


You’re ASKING for engagement. Literally. You’re literally asking for it. Not all bloggers/‘grammers/Twitter users will respond to you, of course. Some of them are off being fabulous, doing awesome stuff, and generally ignoring us little folk. (Don’t you hate that?!) But some of them might respond to you. If you weren’t on their radar before, you are now. And you’re also going to be on the radar of everyone else who happens to see the thread.


In other news, please try and reply to those who send YOU comments and questions on social media/your blog. Even if it takes you a little while to respond to everyone, which it might, try to respond. It’s really disheartening to be REPEATEDLY ignored by a bigger blogger you once had a lot of respect for. 



75 – Tweet about a charity that means something to you.

Or a cause.

Or an organisation that you feel is doing good stuff.

Heck, or even a local or small business that is doing good stuff.

We should talk about the good stuff more, don’t you think?

There’s a male barber that rocks around Southend High Street sometimes, offering free haircuts for the homeless. I’ve got no idea who he is or where he works, but I wish I did. I’d like to throw some money and good vibes his way. Isn’t that one of the nicest things you ever heard? I almost cried when I saw it. The homeless chap getting the haircut looked so happy. 


Twitter Suggestions for Bloggers 7


If you know of lots of organisations, charities, or small business that’s doing some pretty good stuff for the local area, create a blog post or video about it all. Do a little bit of research to make sure you send traffic to the right places, and maybe even get in touch with the organisations to see if you can help further? 


Set a good example. It’s almost Christmas after all. 



76 – Tweet a movie that you’ve seen many times.

I’ve seen Shawshank Redemption so many times, I know every word. I also know every word to 99% of all Disney movies, Dog Soldiers, pretty much everything starring Angelina Jolie, and The Day After Tomorrow. I love a good disaster movie, don’t you? And a good zombie movie. Yeah, I love me a good zombie flick!


What I normally find when I create movie-related blog posts, is that I always come up with OTHER blog post ideas at the same time. So, for example, I’m in the middle of creating Blogmas stuff as I type up this Twitter-suggestion post, and I’m thinking about a number of different keywords I could hit in the movie and TV niche — 

  • Things to watch on Netflix in December 2018 that aren’t Christmas-related
  • Horror movies on Netflix for Christmas 2018
  • Binge-worthy TV shows you need to watch during winter 2018 on Netflix 


You get the idea, right? 

This might be a Tweet that turns into blog or video content, but that’s even better, right? 


Content, content, content.



77 – Tweet #MotivationalMonday > What gives YOU motivation?

This one is for Monday … obviously. But what does give you motivation on a Monday morning when all you want to do is curl back up and go right back to sleep? A nice cup of tea usually does the trick for me, although I’ve been known to get out of bed pretty quick when I know the postman is coming. 


Twitter Suggestions for Bloggers 8


What’s your Monday morning motivation-boosting routine? What about your audience? Why not ask them what THEY do? 


Engagement, engagement, engagement.



78 – Tweet about a product you recently use & your brief opinions of it.

If you want to give a long opinionated rant-review on the product you used, save it and create a blog post about it. If you just want to let people know a brief summary of the new product you’re trying, with the view of giving a more in-depth opinion, later on, get Tweety with it. 


“Good morning, Twitterscope! How’s your day going? I’m trying a new lip balm today & I must say … it tastes DELISH! What are your best dry-lip tips?”


Hey, it’s just an example.

But, but, but, it’s an example that ASKS for engagement, INTRODUCES a new product, and DOESN’T give too much of the game away, leaving you with nothing to create a blog post with. You can gauge the reactions of your audience to that product, too. If lots of people seem interested by it, you know you need to hurry up with that more in-depth blog post or video you’re planning on creating. 


What the audience wants, the audience gets, right? 



79 – Tweet about something that made you feel sad that day.

I felt sad today because my boyfriend bought me a Beauty and the Beast Cogsworth clock from Primark and I broke it within 24 hours. 

I actually cried. It was an emotional moment. 


I love it when my boyfriend comes home with cute, quirky, and weird gifts for me … and they’re usually pretty damn quirky and weird, too! He knows I love-love Beauty and the Beast, though, so anything related to that is always going to be a winner. And I really loved the Cogsworth clock, from the moment I tore it from the packaging. 

Now, being from Primark, the actual clock wasn’t the greatest quality, with the clock insert slightly pushing against the edge of the design. This was discovered by the boyfy BEFORE I broke it. It didn’t help matters when the damn thing fell two feet from the coffee table and on to the floor. A big chunk of the top part fell off, and not just in one piece, either; there were a whole bunch of pieces. Boyfy did his best to glue it back together as best as he could, but it’s not the same, you know? 


But, yeah, that made me sad today. I broke the Cogsworth clock.

What was the last thing you broke? Or the last thing that made you cry or feel sad?



80 – Tweet #SundayFunday > What do you do on Sundays?

We’ve covered Monday, so it makes perfect sense to use Sunday as the perfect opportunity to use the hashtag #SundayFunday on social media. 

What do you do on Sundays? Do you blog all day? Work? Take photos if the lighting is right? Spend the day recording makeup videos, putting on and taking off your makeup so many times that your skin ends up red raw by the end of it? 

People are nosy. We want to know what you get up to. Especially what you get up to in NON-blogging world. 


Twitter Suggestions for Bloggers 4



I’ve got plenty more where this lot came from, so feel free to subscribe to my Blogging 101 email list. You’ll get access to hot-topic blog posts BEFORE they’re published on the blog, my FREE resource centre with keyword suggestions, awesome high-performance hashtag combinations, and plenty of other blogging and social media hacks that will help grow your blog. 


Thanks so much for reading today. 

Don’t forget to Tweet! 




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  1. This was a really useful post and all taken on board! Most of my tweet inspiration comes to me when I’m in bed trying to sleep. I quickly write a draft tweet to remind me, then usually forget all about it! Fab, informative post!

    Samantha | https://thebeautyspyglass.com

    1. ukwordgirl

      I relate to this a little too much … haha 🙂

      Glad you found it useful! Now that you’ve reminded me, I’m going to go through that Notes page with all the fabulous Tweets I never posted!


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