100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers [61-70]

100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers
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100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers
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Hello, hello! How’s your day going? How’s your Twitter marketing strategy going? Are you having a hard time getting some traction? Yeah, I’ve been there. I’m still in that hole. It was as I was working on my own Twitter strategy that I realised I wasn’t really that conversational on the platform. I tend to share blog posts and retweet other people’s blog posts, but I don’t really have genuine conversations. I didn’t really ask for engagement. In reality, I hadn’t been following the same advice that I’d been giving out to small businesses and bloggers. 


What a hypocrite!


I made myself a list. A list of all the things I could talk about on Twitter. Personal things. Fun things. Informational things. I looked through other, successful Twitter accounts to see what they had going on. After an hour’s worth of research, I had come up with a list of around 250 different tweet suggestions I could use. My little series of tweet suggestions for bloggers was born! 

(And, just in case you hadn’t seen any of the other blog posts on this, you’ll find the first one here: 100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers [1-10].)


100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers [61-70]

100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers 10

Image source: aprettierweb.com 


61 – Tweet an FAQ.

Have you ever been asked the same question over and over again by readers or followers? Perhaps it’s something to do with a particular highlighter you wear with style these days? Or maybe it’s a physical location to a specific place, such as your business? 

Make a social media update about it. In fact, I advise that you create regular FAQ social media updates. 


Because people will ALWAYS ask the same damn questions. 


“What’s your Instagram link?”

“Where can I find you on YouTube?”

“Do you have a website too?”


There’s some space at the top of your Twitter feed for a “Pinned Tweet”. This Tweet will always stay right at the top. If you’re being asked about your Instagram feed or YouTube channel constantly, create a Pinned Tweet that answers the questions. 


Hi, followers! Welcome to my Twitter feed!

You’ll also find me on: 




I’d love it if you could come and say hello! 


FAQ tweets come in really handy, pinned to the top of your feed or otherwise.



62 – Tweet a meme about your niche. 


Because everyone loves a good meme. If they say they don’t, they’re lying to you.


100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers 11


63 – Tweet & say thanks to your new followers.

The thing you need to remember about your social media accounts is that they constantly grow. Well, that’s if you gain followers or likers, obviously. But you will always have someone new to say hello to, so why not actually say hello to them?


“I just wanted to say a little hello to my new followers! It’s lovely to have you over here, but tell me something about you!”


✔️ You are ASKING for engagement. Big tick.

✔️ You’re also making your followers feel as if they are appreciated. Who doesn’t like to be thanked every once in a while? Big tick.


Should you say hello and thank you to every new follower?

That’s your call, but I personally find auto-hello tweets infuriatingly annoying. You can tell that the tweet has been auto-sent in most cases, and that’s fine if you like that kind of thing. Me? I hate it. I don’t wish to sound SUPER picky (and bitchy), but I have actually gone to such lengths as to UNFOLLOW people who send me automatic thank you DMs. It looks lazy and like you don’t really care that much.

Saying hello to new followers without using an automated service is difficult, especially when you’re getting a bunch of new likes a day. And then you gotta remember the follow/unfollow crew and their oh-so-annoying ways. What’s the point in saying thanks to someone who’s going to unfollow you the very second you do or don’t hit the follow button in return? (In my experience, the crew will unfollow you whether you return the favour or not.)


There are other times you have the opportunity say thanks on Twitter:

For a retweet. Someone has SHARED your content and that’s something to be thankful for. Smaller bloggers just like me are super thankful to be retweeted by other, bigger bloggers/accounts. In fact, scrap the “bigger bloggers” bit; we’re super thankful to be retweeted by anybody.

For content shares. Again, THEY’VE SHARED YOUR CONTENT. That’s something to be thankful for, so, go ahead and say thanks! It’s just good manners.


Make your thanks count:

How long do you think it takes to click on someone’s profile, take a peek at their bio, and see whether or not they have a blog or website listed? How long do you think it takes to have a quick scroll down their feed to see what they have tweeted?

Seconds. It takes literally seconds. Those couple of seconds make the difference between:


“Thanks for the retweet!”


“Thanks for the retweet, I took a peek at your blog. It looks great!”


The second tweet is better. It’s more conversational and engaging, it encourages MORE conversation and engagement, and it makes you look like a really nice blogger. You just need to find something you can relate to or make conversation about, from their Twitter feed/account or blog.


100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers 12

Image source: startamomblog.com


64 – Tweet about a blogging resource that you can’t live without.

There are loads of blogging resources I can’t live without. Hootsuite, for example, keeps my Twitter and Instagram accounts running when I forget all about it. (Which happens a lot more than it should.) Tailwind is great for making sure Pinterest is constantly working to promote my blog. Canva is another one I couldn’t live without, too, and that one is great for creating pinnable images, infographics, etc. Oh, and while we’re on the subject of graphics and images, Adobe Lightroom is a must-have for editing photos.

There are a few WordPress plugins I can’t live without, while we’re on the subject. Yoast is great for search engine optimisation. Jetpack helps me to keep track of how many views my blog is getting, and which blog posts are more popular than others. Google Analytics is another way of monitoring that.


How many of these resources did you know about before I mentioned them? All of them? None? Did you check any of them out after I mentioned them? That’s pretty much what will happen when you tweet (or share in any way) the most important resources and tools you use.

You can expand on this, creating blog posts, infographics, videos, and a whole bunch more. Why not ask your audience what programs or apps they couldn’t live without? Ask for your engagement and you might just receive!


65 – Tweet & ask a question about a product you’re thinking of buying.

I’m a vaper. Whenever I consider buying something new, such as a tank or new box mod, I ask the people of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram what they think. I ask for their opinions. What do they think of it? Would they buy it? Does anyone have it already? What did they think of it? Are they still using it, or have they already moved on to something brand new and shiny?

The same goes for eliquid. I’ll always ask if someone else has tried it when I give my opinions, and I’ll also ask what they think of it before I buy, too. If enough people say it tastes rank, I won’t waste my money on it. It’s no different to checking out the reviews online before you buy something, except you’re asking REAL people — your followers.


You’re ASKING for engagement. (I’m going to talk about that a lot in case you hadn’t figured that out by now.) It’s more than that, though; you’re ASKING for opinions. There’s nothing people like more than to give an opinion over the internet, so why not ask them for it?

  • Should you get that new beauty product you’re thinking of buying?
  • Has anyone else ever used that brand new camera that’s just been released? Was it any good?
  • Can anyone recommend a better scheduling app than the one you’re currently using?


People are going to respond if they have an opinion on it … that’s engagement! Just remember to be a nice blogger and reply back — say thank you.


100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers 13

Image source: Scarlett Ballantyne


66 – Tweet the link to your Instagram page.

It’s so simple, isn’t it? Share your latest Instagram post with a link to your Instagram account.



There’s a share button on Instagram to throw your beautiful photos on Twitter at the same time as posting them to Instagram. It’s a great time-saver, but it doesn’t show the actual image on the feed. I usually schedule my Instagram posts ahead of time, so when I use Hootsuite to schedule the Instagram post, I schedule the same image to Twitter with a link back to my Instagram page instead. The image is more eye-catching than a bunch of text alone. The double scheduling (Twitter AND Instagram) takes just one or two minutes more than scheduling one alone. All you need to do is create a shorter caption to fit in a tweet and take out some of the hashtags.


67 – Tweet a video you have watched on Youtube many times.

It could be a video of a makeup tutorial, or a music video that you’ve got on repeat this week. Do you have a Youtube channel? How about sharing one of your own videos? Not the latest one. Just a random one. Your favourite one? Ask people if they’re subscribed to you. Ask for their Youtube channel links in return. 

Even if you don’t have a Youtube channel of your own, you can still throw some love in another creator’s direction. Do you have a favourite Youtuber? Tell the world about them. Honestly, they’ll love it. 

For the record, Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow is probably one of the most-watched for me. (We’re totally not counting breakup songs, right? Gosh, there’s been more than a few of them … repeated more than a few times!) And if you want to see my own somewhat-neglected Youtube channel (it’s a vape review channel), you’ll find it here.


68 – Ask for bloggers to share their recent blog posts so you can spend the afternoon reading.

I see this a lot on Twitter, and I think it’s a great idea. One blogger says that they’d like to spend the day catching up on everyone else’s blog posts, other bloggers share links to their latest blog post and then share a similar send-me-your-posts tweet a little while later … it’s like one big chain of blogging love. Everyone’s reading everyone else’s posts, perhaps even sharing them too, and that will help to get your name out there more — and your blog.


100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers 14

Image source: Scarlett Ballantyne


69 – What’s your favourite item of clothing?

Everyone has that one sweater they just can’t get rid of. Or that one pair of trainers that they’ve had since high school. It’s a relatable topic, especially right now — coming into autumn and winter. We’re all digging out our comfiest, favourite sweaters and wrapping up warm.

You don’t need to be a fashion blogger to talk about something like this. Just like you don’t need to be a beauty blogger to mention your favourite new lipstick or a book reviewer to talk about that amazing new book you just finished. You know what they say about staying in your lane? Don’t. Fly free from your lane. If you don’t try your hand at everything (or just a few different things), how will you know what works for you?


70 – Tweet what you’ll be doing at the weekend.

Are you just working away the entire weekend? Chained to your desk and laptop even though there are a million other things you’d much rather be doing? Or do you have exciting plans? A big event or occasion?

You could expand on this, of course; get your readers involved. If you have a big event or occasion coming up, create a Twitter poll so your readers can let you know which dress they think looks better, or which shoes go better with the entire outfit. You just need two photos — A and B. Option A and B. (You could add more photos and poll options if you have more outfit choices, obviously.)


While you’re telling your audience what YOU’RE doing at the weekend, ask about what everyone else is planning. ASK for that engagement.

  • What are you going at the weekend?
  • Are you going anywhere nice?
  • Tell me your plans so that I can be jealous as I sit at my desk for hours …

You get the idea.


Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my little blog today, and I really hope the tweet suggestions for bloggers I’ve given you today have helped. Don’t forget to get in touch and let me know, though. If you’ve come up with genius ideas for other Twitter suggestions, feel free to throw your blog post links in the space for comments below. I want to come and take a peek!

Have a fabulous day! Happy Twittering!




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