100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers [51-60]

100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers [51-60]



Good morning, good morning, good morning! Or good afternoon if you’re reading this in the afternoon, obviously. How are you doing today? Have you been following my tweet suggestions for bloggers? It doesn’t matter if you haven’t read any of the first ones; you can start right here. You can use these suggestions in any or no order at all, and I also urge you to come up with a few of your own ideas too. Jot down any notes that you have as you’re reading my blog and see how you can use them to create interesting and witty tweets too. You never know, you might just offer up some inspiration to another blogger.

Just in case you missed them, you’ll find the first five parts to this series here:

100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers [51-60]

51 – Monday: ask what your followers got up to at the weekend. 

Let me set the scene: It’s Monday morning and everyone is walking around like a zombie, apart from those strange people who call themselves “morning people” and smile at you before coffee. No one is ready to start the working day. No one wants to start the working day. It’s a struggle just to get out of bed, let alone turn on the computer. The only thing that’s getting you through the next hour is the fact that someone turned the coffee machine on and it’s going to be ready any minute now, but you’re not sure how you’re going to get through the rest of the day.

We’ve all been there. We ALL relate. Monday mornings suck.

How about reliving the weekend then?


Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers 51


Rather than being sad and depressed about the huge to-do list you have glaring at you from your desk, take a few moments to mourn a fabulous weekend. Ask your readers what they got up to and let them know your tales too.

“I’m at work right now, but I’d much rather be lying on the beach again like I was on Saturday. What did YOU get up to at the weekend? And how much of a struggle has your Monday morning been so far?”

Let’s make the weekend last a little bit longer before Monday morning begins, shall we?

52 – Tweet about a current event in the world.

This is a tough one. Religion and politics are two things I try and steer well clear of on social media, mostly because I’m really uneducated. I don’t understand a lot of what’s going on. I live in my happy little bubble, filled with bluebirds, unicorns, glitter, and all things fabulous.

If you’re not sure of these topics, or you don’t want to face backlash or debate from those who don’t have the same opinion as you, don’t tweet about them. That’s my advice. It’s VERY easy to offend someone out there. I’m not saying that you should walk on eggs shells just so that you don’t upset the Twitter police, but, you know, use your head a little. If it’s close to the line, it’s probably already over the line for social media. Even the most innocent of tweets are EASILY misinterpreted. Trust me. I’ve been there, done that.

Religion and politics aren’t the only topics you could look to for Twitter-inspo, however. I just had a quick ten-minute flick through the Twitterscope myself and saw tweets that were related to food, sunny Sunday day trips out, places people wish they could visit, places people don’t ever want to visit, the state of the local park with all garbage left lying around, the struggles of desperately wanting to enjoy summer but not quite wanting to go outside because it’s too hot, the news, celebrities, TV shows, you name it …


So … let’s start talking, shall we? 

53 – Tweet about something that made you feel like you wanted to change that day.

I walked along Southend beach the other day and was absolutely disgusted by how much litter had been left there. Empty bottles and beer cans, crisp packets, the odd dirty nappy … It was pretty awful, to be honest. I decided to do something about it. I tweeted about. That’s not all, obviously; I also make a pact to take one black sack with me every time I went to the beach so that I could remove just a little bit of that garbage. I’m aware that one black sack is like trying to empty the ocean with a teacup, but hey, we gotta start somewhere, right?


Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers 53


If you see something that you don’t like, do something about it. Better than that; try to encourage someone else to do something about it too. Imagine if my tweet persuaded one more person to take a black sack to the beach and get rid of some garbage too. And if they tweeted about it, perhaps, in turn, one more person might do the same.

I can’t change the world. I’m just one person. I can try to make a difference, though. And so can you. It starts with a little bit of effort … and perhaps a tweet.

54 – Tweet the link to your website.

This one should go without saying, but it surprises me how many bloggers do not do this. I made a point of sharing my website a few times per month. You’ll find your own ‘sweet spot’ once you start playing around with social media and Twitter a little more, but try to aim for one website link per week on Twitter to start with.

You could let people know that you have new stuff on the website. You could even just remind people that it’s still there, particularly if you haven’t actually blogged in a while. You should share your website link fairly regularly across all social media platforms – not just links to new blogs, but just the link to your website. With some words, obviously – a witty caption of sorts. A link on its own would probably be a tad weird.

55 – Say good morning (in the morning).

How many times a week do you actually say good morning to your loyal followers? You should. It’s nice. You could wish them a great day or let them know what’s going to be going on in your day. This only works when you actually tweet it in the morning though, of course.


Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers 55


Don’t do what I did once … I tweeted a good morning message, telling my followers to have a kick-ass Monday morning, but I accidentally scheduled it for 9 pm on a Thursday evening instead.

You can imagine how confused everyone was. In fact, I’m going to add this as an additional little tip:


56 – Tweet about an event you’ll be going to in the near future.

What plans do you have coming up? Big plans? Are you going anywhere nice? Doing anything super exciting? I want to hear about it and if I want to hear about, other people are going to want to hear about it too.

You might be going to the same music festival as another blogger. The two of you could meet up and collaborate! A few of your fans might be going too – it would be cool if they were to come over and say hello, maybe take a cheeky photo with you and share the love?

You won’t know unless you tell people about it, so go tell ‘em! Make me jealous. Tell me all about the events I’m probably not going to.

57 – Tweet your horoscope that day + ask whether or not readers believe in it/theirs. 

I don’t really think I believe in horoscopes or astrology. I’m super cynical about that kind of thing, although, I can’t help but think that the one on my phone might be written exactly for me at times. I put it down it down to coincidence, but I leave just a little bit of doubt there … just in case.

Do you believe in your horoscopes? Do you read them regularly? Sometimes? How about your readers? What star sign are your readers? What sign are you? I’m a Gemini. I think I’m a typical Gemini too!


100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers 57


There are so many ways that this conversation could go. In fact, I think I’m going to give this one a try today, scheduling a cheeky horoscope-related tweet in with my other stuff. I’ll come back and let you know how it goes. I’d love to hear if you used this tip too.

Maybe you could even do a poll?

A yes/no/maybe Twitter poll: Do you believe in astrology & your horoscopes?

Give me a nudge if you do this and I’ll come along and vote.

58 – Tweet and ask for an opinion from your readers. 

Ask, ask, ask. I’m serious.


Asking a question in the best way to get an answer. When you’re asking for an answer on social media, you’re asking for an interaction. Interaction is ENGAGEMENT. That’s the thing you want, right? Engagement?

People love to answer a question, especially when they get to leave their opinion on something too.

If you’re in the market to buy something new, rather than rushing to Google to check out the reviews, ask your followers. If you’re considering a new foundation, for example, ask whether or not your readers have used it. I do this a lot for my vaping stuff. With eliquids and devices, I often ask whether or not other people have used them as I’m compiling my review. It’s great to hear other people’s thoughts, and sometimes I find new stuff that I might have missed.

59 – Tweet a lesser-known blog that you love.

“Hey, peeps! I love this blog from so-and-so. I can’t stop reading & I figured it would be nice for me to share it with you all … “ 


If someone found your blog when it was brand new (or new-ish) and thought it was out-of-this-world fantastic, wouldn’t you want them to share it with a few thousand of their followers so that you get new followers (potentially) out of it? I know that I would love that, so by doing that kind of thing yourself, you’re encouraging others to do it right back.

Blogging = sharing the love.

If you’re not sharing the love, you’re not doing it right. Sorry, not sorry.

** Yes, I know I’ve shared this before, but bloggers just aren’t sharing or supporting each enough. I’ve been blogging for a very long time and I know a lot of stuff, but can I get anyone to respond to me on Twitter or Instagram? No. I have about 300-and-some followers on Twitter and Instagram (at the time of writing), so that makes me look like a new blogger who has absolutely no clue what she’s doing/isn’t worth following. You can almost understand why bloggers and influencers would feel the need to buy followers (although, I definitely don’t condone this behaviour); there is so much pressure to have a high follower count that many people, readers and brands included, just don’t take you seriously unless your numbers are in the thousands.

Do a smaller, lesser-known blogger a favour today … share their blog. I don’t even want you to share mine. Find another smaller blogger who needs some blog-love.


60 – What fragrance are you wearing today?

Do you like it? What was the last perfume you bought? How about the last perfume you really didn’t like? Everyone’s buying perfume these days, either to wear or for someone else to wear. I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for a new fragrance, and the last three fragrances I’ve purchased have been as a direct result of someone else telling me about them on Instagram or Twitter. I’m not kidding! If *I’M* inspired by what people are buying and wearing on social media, other people are going to be too.


Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers 60


For the record, I’m wearing Moschino Fresh Couture today. I’ve been obsessed with it since last summer!

Tell me what perfume you’re wearing today.

Better yet, tell the world!

I hope that you have enjoyed reading my suggestions for bloggers today, but as always, I would love to hear if you have any suggestions too. If you have some genius ideas, write them down for your own blog and then share the link with me. I’d love to read yours!

I hope you find some Twitter inspiration today, but these suggestions can also be used for other social media platforms too, such as Instagram and Facebook. Different types of post will have different levels of success across the different platforms, but I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled to see which ones work out best for me.

Have a fabulous day, thanks for reading, and remember to send some love your followers’ way today.

What’s the point of having social media if you don’t?

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