100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers [41-50]

100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers



Do you know how many active Twitter accounts there are? I mean accounts that are used regularly — monthly — not just those fake accounts that were once used by a girlfriend to catch out her cheating partner or whatever.

330 million.

That’s a pretty staggering number, right? 330 million different accounts that are used on a monthly basis. Most of all, that’s 330 million accounts that YOU have the potential to reach. You probably won’t reach them all in your lifetime, of course, but if you just upped your Twitter game, you’d be amazed by the power the social media platform has.


It’s a good job I’m here with my Twitter suggestions for bloggers really, isn’t it? 

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And, without any further ado, I’m going to jump right in. You know the score — we’re here to make your Twitter page a brilliant hub of activity. So let’s get active with it.


100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers [41-50]


41 – It’s Friday: Ask if your followers have got exciting plans for the weekend. 


Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers 5



You should be interested in your followers because your followers are interested in you. They follow you, remember? They want to know what you’re up to and what you’re saying. Do you engage with them enough? Do you engage with them enough to encourage them to stick around, to like and share your updates, and to have a little chit-chat with you?

“Hey, Twitterfam! What’s happening this weekend? What are you all up to? Exciting stuff, I hope. Have a great one!

This Tweet is technically killing two birds with stone too, because you’re asking them what they’re up to, alongside telling them to have a good weekend. I find that a lot of people comment with, “You too!” to the latter if nothing else. Any interaction is good interaction, but only when you interact right back.

I like to respond to those Tweets with something like:

“Are you doing anything fun?”

They’ll either respond or ignore me. Either way, I’ve done my bit, you know?


42 – Tweet a new blog you’ve found.

I love it when I come across a new hidden gem of a blog; one that I can’t put down and find myself reading, blog post after blog post. When was the last time you came across a blog like that? (Don’t worry, you don’t need to say mine. I won’t take it personally … )

If you find one of those new little gems, don’t keep it all to yourself. That would be mean-spirited of you and, as a result, the rest of us won’t be able to find it easily. Spread the news of it far and wide, to all of your followers on Twitter and perhaps a few on Facebook and Instagram too.

(It doesn’t hurt to ‘repost’ another blogger’s Insta-image, you know?)


Because if someone shared my blog link and called it their “new little gem”, I’d be so ecstatic, we’d probably have a little pee-dribble situation going on. Okay, so perhaps that was a tad dramatic, once again, but I would be HELLA excited. To be shared by another blogger? Particularly one that I respect and follow myself? Yeah, that would make me damn happy.

Why aren’t we sharing the blog love more? We should be. If you find a new blog that you can’t stop reading, tell everyone about it. Everyone else should read it too. Plus, that blogger is gonna LOVE you! They’ll share yours soon fo’ sho!


43 – Tweet about a current fashion trend (within your niche). 

Do you remember when Gucci sold a pair of shoes for far too much money, that looked like something your mum used to throw on and stamp the backs down to just potter out in the garden?

Or the pair of jeans that were on some online fashion site that had plastic sections all the way down the front of them, looking a little bit like you’d ripped the jeans and decided to fill the gaps with cling film?

I love fashion, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes, it’s absolutely bloody ridiculous. Especially right now. This era. The era that everyone went bonkers and wore whatever the hell they wanted. I love that. So much. I have the weirdest fashion style. I don’t fit in any box and I quite like it that way.


Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers 3


But … yeah, fashion.

Sometimes things go nuts, right?

If you notice a trend that makes you snort a bit, Tweet about it. You don’t need to be derogatory, of course, and I definitely wouldn’t recommend being offensive, but put it out there. Ask for the opinions of others, just to make sure you’re not the only one who finds it ridiculous.

Or, y’know, just because everyone needs a good laugh in the middle of the afternoon.

** Of course, you don’t need to make fun of a silly fashion trend. You could also talk about a fashion trend in a positive light too. There, I’m giving you some freebie Twitter suggestions for bloggers now! If you like a particular style of jeans that are in fashion right now because they’re super flattering, talk about it. Other people might not know of their flattering benefits.


44 – Tweet the latest product you bought.

You might review a lot of products in one way or another on your blog, but how many times have you given a ‘first impression’ of it? This is something that seems to work really well for my vaping website and Youtube channel. I record an unboxing video of the item, giving my first impressions straight out of the box and first few minutes of using it. I then record a few days or weeks later, with details of whether or not the item has broken or seems to have any flaws. In conclusion, I have a video mini-series (almost) that goes into more detail than other review videos might do.

If you’re going to be reviewing or giving your thoughts on something, why not use Twitter to give a brief first impression of it?

“Coming soon on the blog > this beauty product.

Spoiler alert: I kinda love it.”

It’s simple and to the point, and if people want to read the review, they’ll follow your Twitter account so that they can keep up with it. It’s a very simple way of generating some interest for something, almost like it’s worth of an announcement beforehand. (Which it totally is.)

This is definitely a great trick if you’re going to be using or reviewing a product that’s in high demand, or that everyone is talking about. Make sure that everyone knows you’ve got your hands on it, and you’re about to bringing them the real deets, real soon!


45 – Tweet a #bedtimereading post. 

Did you know that you’re probably going to get about five times more traffic when you post a blog daily? Five times?!

It sounds like a lot, right? I didn’t believe it myself when I first read that fun fact, but I figured I’d have a look and check it out for myself. In 2017, I wrote and published one post daily for the entire month for one particular website that I write for. I checked the page views and stats and noticed an increase of about 30% for the month.

I’ve had a look around, and it seems that everyone is saying the same thing. You are definitely going to get more page views when you post daily.

That’s a lot of blogging though, isn’t it? Like, too much for most of us, that’s for sure. On the days when you can’t post something to the blog, Tweet the link to one of your older blog post instead. If you’ve gotten to the end of the day and realised you’ve done nothing for your blog, and you have nothing in your backup stores to offer, Tweet, Facebook, and/or Insta-share an older post that hasn’t had some love in a while. Or, a blog post that you think didn’t get enough love the first time around.

#bedtimereading is a hashtag that works well on Instagram, and I’ve noticed quite a few people using it on Twitter too.


Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers 2


When you next have a day where you don’t post something to your blog, and you haven’t Tweeted a link to an older blog post already, try the #bedtimereading on Twitter [iand Instagram] and let me know how it goes. Obviously, this one needs to be scheduled or put out there at about bedtime-ish.


46 – Tweet a product that’s on your lust list. 

And not just because you want the company to send it to you for free. In fact, for a change, don’t even bother tagging the company in the post. You’re just Tweeting to let people know that you want it. That’s all. No strings attached.

What do I want? What’s on my lust list? Hahaha … Too many things to mention.

I’d quite like to give the new Fenty Beauty stuff a try. I’d also quite like to get my hands on one of the Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes. Or, like, all of them. Just put them all in my basket, right now.

I want a new camera. I have a digital thing with lots of dials and buttons and a great big zoom lens thing that I can swap out for another one. I’ll be honest, I’m no photographer. Everything I learned, I learned by screwing it up first. It’s all cool. I like to live that way … a little dangerously.

Honestly, though, it takes me 1,500 photos to get just one that I think is usable for any of my blogs. Even then, it takes a bit of editing. I say a bit, I actuallymean a lot because I’m not that great at photography, yet. I might need to increase the exposure, perhaps the brightness too. Maybe I’ll need to add some clarity and sharpness to it.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that photos for a blog post usually take me four times the time it took to write the damn thing.

But yeah, just a few things on my lust list. For my camera dreams, I could even ask people to suggest good cameras that aren’t too expensive and fiddly to use too.

What does that do?

*In unison please* 

It starts a conversation! 


47 – Tweet your favourite time-saving hack.

If you’re a beauty blogger, it could be a beauty hack that you’ve been using for years, that shaves half an hour off your morning routine.

If you’re any kind of blogger, it could be one of the hacks you use to make being a blogger much easier. I could name a hundred and one time-saving hacks, but if I had to pick JUST one, it would be Tailwind – the Pinterest tool of champions.

If you’re a photographer, your time-saving hack could be that one cool trick with pre-sets on Photoshop that nobody seems to know about yet. In addition, how about sharing the kind of lighting that you use, or the backdrops, photo props that you love … The possibilities are endless.

If you’ve got a time-saving hack worth sharing, share it. Don’t keep it to yourself. If it’s a good enough hack, it’ll get shared all over the place, just like that one tweet I came across that shared easy-peasy photography tricks for blogging newbies.


48 – Tweet about the best country or place you’ve visited.

I love travelling and definitely don’t do enough of it. I did a fair bit when I was a young’un, and I’ve not filed my passport away just yet. The best place I’ve ever visited has got to be Niagara Falls, Canada. I actually cried when I saw it. Real tears. The booming sound and feel of the mist on my face … It was almost like sensory overload. It’s definitely the most memorable sight I’ve ever seen. I don’t think any other picturesque view has managed to reduce to me to tears.


Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers 4

Source: ukwordgirl / Instagram


Where have you been lately? Did you enjoy it? Furthermore, did you have a good time? Was your hotel room okay? Where did you stay? So many travelling questions, they’re begging to be answered. By you. On Twitter.

Share a cheeky #throwback of a long-ago holiday snap. In addition, share why you loved the place too. I’d love to see it … (As I’m dreaming of sunny vacays, looking out of a rainy window.)


49 – Shout out 5 bloggers that you absolutely love.

Right now. Do it right now.


Why not?

It’s SOCIAL media.

While you’re there, share one really good reason why you love and follow them too. Do they have the BEST Instagram images? Most hilarious dating stories? Best bargain-huntin’ tips?

Wouldn’t you want another blogger to do the same for you?


50 – Tweet how you get yourself motivated.

How do you motivate yourself in the morning? (Seriously … How do you?) What does your morning routine involve? Do you always have your coffee a specific way? Check Facebook first? Pop your toast in the toaster? Do you have a little routine that you do before you start blogging/writing for the day?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all my years of social-media-ing, it’s that people LOVE to delve into the private lives of other people. You share how you have your coffee in the morning and then another blogger “totally relates” and does “the same thing too!”.

My morning routine? I find the TV remote, switch on Jeremy Kyle, and make myself a cup of tea if there’s no one around that I can bribe to make it for me.


Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers 6


I’d love to know if you used any of these Twitter prompts. I’d also love to know how well they did … or not. How many retweets did you get? Likes? Additional followers?

Leave your comments below, and your Twitter link too if you’d like me to come and say hello.

Happy Twittering!

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