100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers [31-40]

Suggestions for Bloggers 2


Hello, and welcome back!

I’m assuming you’ve already checked out the first few parts of this Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers series, but in case you haven’t, you’ll find them here:



Before we go any further, I just want to check something. I’m not saying you’re doing this, but please do not sacrifice on spelling and grammar just because you can only fit 140 characters into a single Tweet. Also: I’m assuming you don’t have the longer, 280 Tweet allowance. I don’t have that. I’m actually a little upset about it too. Why haven’t I got it? How do I get it? I have loads of things I want to say, dammit.


In all seriousness, please don’t use abbreviations for words in your Tweet unless you’re trying to use shortened words ironically or for effect. You’ll only get a string of Tweeters telling you that you’ve spelt something wrong. We all know how annoying that is.

Another thing that is SUPER annoying is when bloggers or businesses use all capital letters. There’s really no need. It’s probably okay to use capitals in small sections of your Tweet. Y’know, to show effect or whatever.




Right, let’s get back to business. 


We’re slowly making our way through the Tweet suggestions. How many of them have you used already? Have they worked out well for you? I’d love to be kept up to date with your progress, so make sure you come back and let me know how you get on from time to time. You could always get in touch via social media, of course …

You *ARE* meant to be using it more frequently and efficiently, aren’t you?


I won’t keep you waiting any longer because I know you’re only here for the good stuff. And here it is, the next part of my series!


100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers 


Suggestions for Bloggers 1


31 – Tweet a throwback image from Facebook. 



It’s Thursday. Thursday’s were meant for #throwbackthursday. In fact, they were meant for getting excited about Friday coming, but seeing as I work from home, I seldom know what day of the week it is. I’m a nightmare for it.

Everyone does it on Thursday, so I think it’s about time you jumped on the #throwback bandwagon. Have you done it before? I’ve suggested a throwback from Facebook, but you could use any number of posts from your social media accounts. I like to use an app called TimeHop to remember what happened in MY life on that day over the years. It reminds you of things like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, as well as what images you snapped in your camera roll too. I’ve turned that feature off on mine. I don’t need to be reminded of EVERY bad selfie I’ve ever taken, thank you very much.


Because everyone’s doing it. I know that’s NOT a reason to do something, but for #throwbackthursday on Thursday, it is a good enough reason. Join the club. You’ve got some good memories hidden back there, right? Why not share a few of them?


32 – Tweet your favourite blog post(s). 

As in, ones you have written on your blog.


Because re-hashing old content is a really good idea. It could be a blog post that you published last week, last year, three months ago, whenever you like. Also, while you’re reading back over older blog posts, it gives you a chance to do some updating. Are all your links working? Have you overlooked spelling or grammatical errors? Could you add a gif, perhaps a few images? Better images?

If you update the blog post, you could then Tweet it as an “Updated Blog Post”. You’ll be giving it a new lease of life, especially if you share it on your Facebook and Instagram page too.


For the record, I have so many favourite blog posts, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. But, if I were going to pick one for the purposes of this blog post, it would have to be this one:



33 – Tweet your favourite blog post of someone else’s.

Have you ever come across a post on someone else’s blog that drove you to tears? Or made you laugh so hard, there was almost an emergency pee situation? Or made you feel all the warm n’ fuzzies inside?

When you find *those* blogs, share them far and wide. They deserve to be shared far and wide. What’s the point in being a blogger and finding a beautifully written blog that you don’t share?

I’ll be honest, when someone comments good things on my Twitter updates for new blog posts [and doesn’t share them], I just want to shout at them:


“Why won’t you share it then?”


I’d really appreciate the share to the 1,000 + people you have on your follower list. I mean, c’mon, I share your stuff …

Be a good blogger and retweet those blog links that you loved. Share the blog posts you love that have been written by someone else on YOUR Twitter. A good blogger would do this.


Because you’ll make another blogger’s day, that’s why. That’s what the blogging community should be about too. Would you want someone to share a really great blog post that you’d spent hours putting together? Why would you expect someone to do that for you when you won’t do the same for them? If they have more followers than you do, it might even work in your favour. When they say thanks or do the polite retweeting business, you’ll then be made visible to all of their followers which could, in turn, then generate more followers for you.

Be good, spread blog love, and blog love might just come right back to you!


34 – Tweet a fun fact you learned that day (not related to your blog or niche). 


“Did you know that sloths leave their homes just once each week to do a number two?”


100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers


Hahaha, it made me laugh, okay? Sorry, I’m immature. I also love sloths. What’s your favourite animal?


Fun facts make people laugh. They catch people’s attention. If the fact is really obscure or weird, it’ll be shared because no one else can believe it. Those shares will distribute your Tweet — your name — as part of the fun fact. Just make sure that you know what you’re talking about. Don’t be a part of “fake news”.

Also: It’s *really* embarrassing when someone corrects you on social media.



35 – Say hello to your new followers. 

I do this once a month. Okay, not every month, but on the months that I remember AND I’ve noticed that my follower count has gone up, I post a little thanks to my new followers. It’s nice. They’re special. All followers are special, but it’s nice to say thanks sometimes, and you can always say thanks to those that have been following you for a long time too.




Because they might say hello back, y’know. And, do you know what that does? It starts a conversation.

Woohoo! We’re being bloody social!

When you talk to people and they talk back, you’re being promoted to each of their followers. The people that follow them are going to see snippets of your conversation in his/her responses, and they could be tempted to take a closer peek. They’ll see that you’re a brilliant blogger and click on the ‘Follow’ button, obviously.

For the record, if you’re a new reader/follower, thanks so much. I appreciate you! A LOT!


36 – Tweet about your #ManCrushMonday 

The whole #ManCrushMonday thing might not be to everyone’s taste, but there is a way that you can customise Tweet suggestions for bloggers like this one to better work for you. I’ll start with the whole man-crush business though, just in case you weren’t aware of it.


The point of #ManCrushMonday is to post about a man that you have a crush on. Yep, it’s that simple. (And that primitive.)

However, it doesn’t need to just be some guy that you think is a hottie. It could be anyone. Perhaps a male idol, for example, like your Dad. It could be a man you work with. Or a woman who does as much work as Mum and Dad together.

In fact, I should have labelled this suggestion — Tweet about someone who you would consider to be your idol. Ah well.


Because we all have a guy that we look up to, don’t we? And everyone can relate to it too. If you’ve posted a pic of an actor that you’ve had a crush on for years, other people could respond with their thoughts on that actor.

“Oh, Tom Hardy! He’s so drool-worthy!”

(Because he totally is, isn’t he?)

As with all Tweet suggestions, if it doesn’t work, you don’t need to do it again. The whole point of this exercise is to find things that get the conversation started — things that get interactions on your social media posts. Well, Twitter, in this case, but the same rules apply to all social media platforms. You could use these Twitter suggestions for bloggers on Facebook and Instagram, as well as others, too.


37 – Tweet your favourite food + ask your readers for theirs. 




I really do love pizza, you know. When I first moved in with my chap, it became very apparent that he didn’t have much to work with in the kitchen. We ate a lot of take out. We had pizza four nights in one week. I literally could live on pizza alone.

Or … I could if I weren’t lactose intolerant. But, y’know, we all gotta suffer for the things we love …


Tweeting about food is a great idea. We all eat. We’ve all got our favourite foods, and the foods that we don’t like. We all have those foods that we REALLY don’t like. And those foods that we could eat all day, every day. Food is something that almost all of us have in common. We’re either eating food, thinking about food, or still digesting the food we just ate.

That’s life, right?

As well as getting the conversation flowing, the topic of dinner might just give you a few new ideas of what to have for yours tonight.

P.S. I also LOVE Grandma’s homemade cheese scones but they give me terrible heartburn.


38 – Tweet about a product you love and use regularly, and give brief reasons for loving it. 

And I’m talking brief too.

** Oh, and if you’re actually advertising something or you have a relationship with the company, make sure you state that. Did you hear about Marnie Simpson from Geordie Shore getting herself into a bit of bother when she shared tooth whitening products and contact lenses without divulging the true relationship she had with the company?



But, yes, if you like to use a product and you feel it might benefit other people, talk about it. With beauty bloggers, it could be a beauty product that you regularly use and buy. If you are a lifestyle blogger, it could be something around the home that you just can’t live without. If you’re a fashion blogger, it could be a pair of shoes that you’ve had for a hundred years and still wear with everything else in your closet.


Which bit? Because the favourite product part of it is both informational, opinionated, and conversational. That’s obvious, right? This is even more so the case if you ASK what products your followers love to use too.

Did you know that asking a question is the easiest way to get your audience to actually interact with you?

Go figure …


39 – Tweet a song that reminds you of something happy.


“This song makes me happy >”


That’s all you need! Maybe add a hashtag or two, but for Tweet suggestions for bloggers like this one, short and sweet makes the biggest impact.


Short Tweets under 100 characters have shown to be the most popular ones, which is good news for those who haven’t been graced with the 280 character Tweet-space. (I haven’t either, on ANY of the accounts I manage, and we’re talking 6 + accounts too … )

Tweets that are 100 characters or below have a higher interaction than longer Tweets, by as much as 21%. Think provocative, conversation-starting, and short!

** Bright, eye-catching, and clear images also work VERY well with short, 100 character or fewer Tweets.



40 – Tweet the latest book you read. 

You should look to Twitter as more of a “running conversation” than a status update with responses. Twitter is much more face-paced than other social media platforms, and this means you will need to treat it a little differently.

Twee the latest book you read and whether or not you liked it. You can use emojis to help you out here, keeping your Tweet below the 100 character suggestions that seems to attract more interactions. Those bright, eye-catching emojis are great for bringing your Tweets to life. You SHOULD be using emojis in your Tweets, as well as across other social sites.


In fact, why not take a peek at this > Are You Using Emojis When You Promote Your Business?


After Tweeting, make sure you stick around. Don’t just Tweet and run. You can do this with Instagram and Facebook because you’ll often find that interactions come in gradually and over time. Facebook is considered ‘pay to play’ these days, and we all know what Instagram has been like lately, with banned hashtags, shadow-banning, and the weird algorithm that I certainly don’t think I’ve got a handle on.


When you Tweet about your favourite book, or whatever book you last flicked through, make sure you stick around for a few responses. If your phone goes off, answer the Tweets, even if it just a simple “thank you”. Treat Twitter as you would Instagram. You MUST respond to comments and comment back yourself in order to show up better in the weird algorithm. You MUST respond to Tweets on Twitter to ensure you keep coming up on people’s feeds.


Thank those that retweet you. Respond to those who have commented on your Tweet, even if it’s to say, “Thanks for your comment!” And, just after you’ve Tweeted, comment on a few other Tweets while you’re there. You want people to interact with your updates, don’t you? Get things kick-started by having a little ‘like’ and comment flurry. It’ll encourage people to take a peek at what you’ve got going on.



100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers


Well, there you have part four over and out. They’re great tips, right? I think they are, but I’m pretty sure I’m meant to say that. If you’re planning on using some of these great tips for yourself, feel free to tag me. I’d love to have a chat with you. It would also be super cool for me to see how you’re all getting on and what you’re all up to. I can’t follow you if I don’t know where you are …

I really appreciate the blogging love today — thanks so much for reading my little blog! Part five is coming tomorrow. Are you coming back for it? You can subscribe to the blog to make sure you’re kept up to date, and you can follow me on social media too, obviously.


Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to Tweet!


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