100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers [11-20]

100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers 11-20 1


80% of all Twitter users access the social networking site using a mobile device.ย 


Mobile devices are just that โ€” mobile. They’re taken everywhere. To work, to the toilet, to dinner, to bed. Phones are hastily checked when the boss isn’t looking, or when there’s nothing else to do. They provide the perfect boredom-buster too. For me, Twitter and Instagram are my default boredom-busting moves. If I’m out and about in public, waiting for someone, for example, those social networking sites are what I’ll first jump to.


100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers 11-20 4

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When you’re a blogger or business, Twitter can be one of your main sources of traffic if you play your cards right. In my experience, a well-placed blog link in a Twitter update can bump reader numbers like no other social networking site. It’s paid for me to use start using Twitter, not for all websites, but for most of them.

Of course, in order to make the social site work for you, you’ll need to learn how to use it. It’s all very simple really, and it all starts with a Tweet …


That’s the hard part though, isn’t it? Trying to work out what to tweet? When you’ve posted a new blog post, Tweet suggestions are simple — you Tweet the link to your latest blog post, add a funny, witty, or eye-catching caption, and then throw a hashtag or two in there. What happens for the rest of the time though? You can’t just post blog links all the time. You shouldn’t be either.

I came up with a few Twitter suggestions for bloggers that might just help you out. Just in case you missed part one, you’ll find it here: 100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers [1-10].


Grab yourself a cuppa, get a pen and pad handy, and get your Twitter scheduling tools ready. We’re about to get Twitterific.


100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers [11-20]


100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers 11-20 2


11 – Tweet one of your old blog posts.ย ย 

Just pick one at random. A good one, obviously. Tweet it just because you can, and in your Tweet, write exactly that. It’s YOUR Twitter. The whole point is to use it for self-promotion. With Facebook, you are advised to share only around 20% of your own content, with the other 80% coming from other sources. With Twitter, you can get away with shouting about yourself a little more.




I’ve recommended sharing older blog posts before, and I personally believe it’s a great idea. Whenever I’ve forgotten to post on the blog for a while, or I just haven’t found anything super interesting to say, I like to share older blog posts to ‘fill the gaps’.

You could also consider repurposing your old content at the same time too, making it an all-around worthy share. Turn your points into an infographic for Pinterest, or create some new advice-style images to share to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It’s a great way of generating more or new interest for an older blog post.


12 – Tweet your favourite quote.

Do you have one? Is it one of your own? If not, where did you hear or read it? Why do you love it so much? What makes it your favourite?

I have a number of favourite quotes. In fact, I don’t really know if I have favourite quotes, as such, but more a bunch of quotes that I just love in general. You know — different quotes for different moods.


โ€œTravel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.โ€

โ€“ Gustave Flaubert


100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers 11-20 5

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Because everyone loves a good quote, especially if it is relatable, motivational, inspiration, or just downright funny. I seem to find the best quotes work when I use a beautiful scenic image, such as the one I showed you above. You could even add the quote over the top of the image too, fading down the image behind the words to make them easier to see. Websites and phone apps, such as Canva, are easy to use to create your own graphics and images. Then you can add your own watermark too, improving the visibility of your blog or brand. This watermark also helps to stop people from stealing your photos, although it’s not a foolproof method. Make sure you’re adding your watermark to a spot that will be visible when if someone else tries to crop the image.


13 – Use Boomerang to make a cute little video.

I love a good Boomerang video, especially for my vaping social media accounts. I’ve used them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and they’ve all been pretty well received. (I think.)



It’s a free app to download, and it essentially makes little ‘boomerang’ style movies that you can share. You could use it in a number of ways, not just vaping, as I’ve shown you. I’ve used the same app to make cute little videos of the waves lapping at the shore at Southend-on-Sea beach. I’ve used the app to make funky videos of face painting videos with an artist, little videograms of a tattoo artist at work, and a writer too. In fact, there are so many ways in which you could use the app and videos it creates. Makeup artists, nail boutiques, and even physical shops can share their new wares using the Boomerang app.

I think it’s time to take a peek, eh?


Because … Well, it’s just cool really. And it’s free. We should all utilise the free stuff more. I like using it. It’s enough of a snippet of ‘real life’, without sharing too much. I used to seriously over-share on social media but I’m trying to learn how to reign things in again. I watched a business Instagram account destroy itself by the owner going through a bad breakup and it made me seriously reevaluate my social media choices.



14 – Ask for Netflix suggestions.

“Hey Twitter folk! I’m in need of Netflix recommendations. Shout out what you recently watchedย ๐Ÿ“บ”

I’m pretty sure I’ve watched everything there is to watch on Netflix. I’ve watched every “Jail Las Vegas” style program, as well as every animal documentary, serial killer docu-drama, and Z-list celeb horror movie.

I ALWAYS need Netflix recommendations.


You’re starting something that could turn into a Tweet-frenzy if you’re lucky. Throwing this Tweet out there at the right time will result in a proper conversation. Blogger A gives their recently-watched list on Netflix, and then Blogger B gets involved because she’s seen one of those programs and thought it was “A-MAZ-ING!”

Blogger C then gets involved, but she thought the program was rubbish and suggests something else instead, which Blogger A comments on, and then Blogger D gets involved.

This Tweet suggestion for bloggers has always worked really well for me in the past. I’d highly recommend it!


15 – Tweet a #morningreading post.

“Need some #morningreading for your journey to work? How about thisย ๐Ÿ‘‡?”

[Insert link here]

You could insert any link you liked here, but make sure it’s suitable for morning reading. Well, unless that’s the kind of thing you’re going for obviously. But something positive, light and breezy work quite well for those early morning readers. I try to pick popular, comical posts for the early morning ones, or the posts that I feel could benefit someone during the day (like this one). I avoid negative, sad, grumpy posts. There’s no need to make people feel grumpy first thing in the morning.


That journey to work is a great time to grab the attention of readers, and you don’t even need to get out of bed in order to make this Tweet work really well for you. I like to schedule some of my Tweets for early morning – 6/7/8 am. Not every day, of course, but a few of them. It surprises me every time how popular they are, throughout the day, not just first thing in the morning.

You should Tweet every morning, around 8-9 am. Try scheduling a few at earlier times on weekdays — from 5:30 am onwards. Grab those commuters!


16 – Tweet with your favourite emoji + ask your readers to share theirs with you.

Lighthearted, conversational Tweets like this one are best left for after lunch. That’s what I think, anyway. Feel free to leave your comments in the box below.

People won’t have time to respond to this first thing in the morning but, after lunch, they’ll be looking for something entertaining. Nothing too serious or heavy, just something to distract as one daydreams about their mid-afternoon chocolate snack … ๐Ÿซ

“๐Ÿ•ย is my favourite emoji because I just love pizza. What’s your favourite emoji? And favourite pizza topping? #pizzaislife”ย 

Another question I find create a lot of conversation on social media is whether or not pineapple belongs on a pizza. For the record, pineapple absolutely does NOT belong on a pizza.


Firstly, everyone loves a good emoji. Secondly, it adds colourful features to your Tweet that’ll make it bright, eye-catching, and stand-out. When a Tweet grabs the attention of scrolling Twitter users, they’ll be more likely to take a closer look. They might even click on the link if you have provided one. If you haven’t, they might take a peek at your bio and, if they like what they see, they might even click on the ol’ Follow button.

Isn’t that the aim of the game … ?

Also, further reading:ย Are You Using Emojis When You Promote Your Business?


17 – Tweet about a hobby you have.

“My hobbies include … “

It sounds like part of a really bad C.V., but sharing your hobbies with your readers and followers is a good thing. I like to knit, for example, and I share this on my vaping channel every now and again. I even knitted 50 + miniature hats for the Innocent Smoothie campaign, but I accidentally forgot to send them off in time. It’s cool. I’ve calmed down now, but I freaked out quite badly at the time. I’m saving them for next year.




Knitting might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’ve found that there are quite a few knitters out there and they love to have a chat with me on Twitter. Charity work (the Innocent Smoothie + Age UK mini hat campaign, and the homeless hat stuff) is also another topic that gets the conversation started. Charity work is a GOOD thing and it should be shouted out more. It makes me laugh when I see people mocking others for doing charitable work on camera, apparentlyย FOR the camera only, when those same complaining people are Snapchatting themselves getting drunk and falling over their own feet at the weekends …

Ooooh, she got bitchy.ย 

Yes, yes I did. I’ve unfriended people for that.


Getting back to the point, Tweet about your hobbies. Talk about something you really enjoy doing, something that isn’t to do with work or social media or your blog. If you like knitting, take a photo and Tweet it. Show people what you’re working on. The same image can be shared to your Instagram account too, remember, and Facebook.

Other people who have the same interests will Tweet back at you, telling you what they’re working on and maybe even sharing photos and videos too. You will find that people give you advice, some great, some not so, to help with your hobby, and everyone, oh everyone, will have an opinion.

Tweet the “un-coolest” hobby you have. I’m interested. I want to know about it.


18 – Tweet and ask your readers about products they use regularly, and why.

If you’re a beauty blogger, ask your readers about beauty products they regularly use, love, and why they feel that way about it.

How about if you’re a vape blogger? You could Tweet and ask people what vape device they love using, or what eliquid they can’t get enough of.

If you’re a lifestyle blogger, you could ask about something technology related, or something for the home. There are plenty of ways to customise Tweet suggestions for bloggers like this one to make them work for your niche.




Because, once again, you’re starting a conversation. People LOVE to give their opinions, although not everyone likes to hear about it. Plus, you might learn about a brand new product that you should definitely be using. Or, you can find out about a brand new product that you’re thinking of trying that a whole bunch of people left really bad reviews for. If you know it’s probably going to be a pile of poo, you’re not going to want to waste your hard earned cash on it, are you?

Also: there’s a good chance you can give people opinions on products they’re talking about too. If these bloggers and followers are responding to your Tweets, they’re making your name visible to all the people following them. Other people are going to join the party — people who could end up clicking on YOUR follow button. Every time someone new Tweets in response, they’re making your name visible to all of THEIR followers. Who knows how many followers you might gain out of it?


19 – Tweet the link to your Facebook page.

“Hello! ๐Ÿ‘‹ย Are you on Facebook? Are you following me on Facebook? Come & say hello facebook.com/ukwordgirl”

When was the last time you shared the link to your Facebook page? Obviously, this only applies when you have a Facebook page. If you don’t have one, share the link to a different social media account instead, such as Instagram or Pinterest. You could always add all the links to all social media accounts. I would definitely make the most of this trick if you’ve been opened up to the world of 280 character Tweets. I am not one of those people yet. I’m actually very envious. Grumble, grumble.


Because using your social media accounts to share your own social media accounts is genius, whether you agree with me or not. I remember one particular occasion when I shared the Instagram link on my vaping Twitter page and gained 9 extra followers from that one Tweet alone. To date, not one of them has un-followed me. Winning!


20 – Tweet a photo that you shared recently to your Instagram.

I’m an absolute nightmare for remembering to share Instagram images to my Twitter account, even though there is a very simple turn-on/turn-off share button right there in front of me. If you’re free with time to Tweet but nothing to say, share a recent Instagram update that you haven’t yet Tweeted.


Firstly, you’re reminding all of your Twitter followers that you actually have an Instagram account. I mentioned in Tweet suggestions for bloggers no. 19 (โฌ†) that I gained 9 extra Instagram followers from just one Instagram link shared to Twitter, and the same thing can happen to you. You might even end up with even more new Insta-followers if you have more Twitter-followers than I do. I’m still in the 1,000 and below club, although I’ve started using my own tips and tricks to grow the numbers.

You’ll see how I get on — putting my money where my mouth is, so to speak — if you subscribe to the blog or follow my social pages.

Cheeky little plug there …ย ๐Ÿ˜‰


100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers 11-20 5


I hope these Twitter suggestions for bloggers have helped you today. If you use any of them, tag me! Letโ€™s chat! That’s the whole point of social media, right? Being social?

Part three is coming tomorrow so donโ€™t forget to subscribe to the blog to be kept in the loop. You can also give my social media pages a cheeky like or follow too โ€ฆ Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Just in case you missed part one, you’ll find it here >ย 100 Tweet Suggestions for Bloggers [1-10].


You can find Part Three [21-30] HERE.ย HERE.ย 


Thank you so much for reading. I hope you all have a great day!

Donโ€™t forget to update your Twitter account today. How about startinโ€™ with one of these Twitter suggestions for bloggers?

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