100 Days of Instagram for Business: Day 1

100DaysofInstagram Day 1

Businesses often ask me how I’m going to keep their content fresh, interesting and fun when they hire me to manage their social media accounts. My strategy will obviously depend very much on the business I’m promoting, but I can show you how to keep things fresh. And fun. I create bespoke social media packages every day for my clients, and I have decided to come up with 100 days of Instagram posts to give you an idea of how much you could be using the social site more. With over 300 million ACTIVE users, it’s definitely one you should be paying more attention to. American teens voted it the most important social network they use, according to the Hootsuite Blog and reports that were published in September of 2015.

In case you needed any more reason to give Instagram a shot for your business, mobile ad revenues baged the social account almost $600 million for 2015. This is a figure set to rise to almost $3 billion for 2017 if predictions are to be believed. Isn’t it about time you started profiting with the help of the biggest-growing social networking site?

Without any further ado, let’s get cracking. Ready?

100 Days of Instagram For Business: Day 1

Introduce yourself. 

“Hi, my name is Kim and I’m UKWordGirl – a UK-based freelance writer / blogger of 10+ years, and a social media manager and strategist of 3 years. I’ve just turned 30 (and I’m not happy about it), and I’m the big brains behind UKWordGirl. To learn more about what I can do for your business, get in touch!” 

Simple idea, right? Yet so many business still do not do this. Why wouldn’t you? Your business is your livelihood – it’s the thing that pays the bills, keeps a roof over your head, and provides for you and your family. Why wouldn’t you be proud of it and more than that, show it off?

Introduce yourself. There, you have day one sorted. A cheeky little photo of you (excellent selfie opportunity), and then tell your followers a little bit about you.

You can put as much or as little information as you like (making sure you don’t put yourself at risk of ID theft, of course) and you could do this over and over again too. Not the same thing every time, of course, but there’s nothing wrong with telling your audience a little bit about you. They are the ones buying whatever it is your business is offering. That personal touch is often what sways a customer.

If a selfie isn’t quite your style, how about a picture of you actually doing some work?

(I’m sure there are some jokes about the boss not doing any work secretly hidden in there …) 

Further Instagram Post Opportunities: 

*You can also feature your employees, if they don’t mind you sharing them on the social media page. If you have nine employees, for example, you have ten Instagram posts at your disposal – you and your nine employees. You can use programs such as OnlyPult (paid web-based Instagram scheduling tool) to space the images out, perhaps one every week or so until you have everyone covered?

** Group photos of employees are also a great idea – you can introduce everyone at the same time. Group photos, or even part-group photos, are additional Instagram posts that can be scheduled for a later date. And don’t forget to use the hashtag #throwbackthursday (and schedule them to be posted on a Thursday too obviously).

Something like: “Who remembers when the group dressed up as cats to raise money for charity a few months back?” with a picture of the occasion.

If you’re looking for someone to take control of your Instagram account, or need a little helping hand coming up with unique and inspirational content that will get likers liking and followers following, get in touch. I can’t wait to hear from you!



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