10 Top Ways to Make Your Floristry Business Stand Out on Social Media

10 Top Ways to Make Your Floristry Business Stand Out on Social Media
10 Top Ways to Make Your Floristry Business Stand Out on Social Media 1

Hello, hello!

How are you? What’s going on? I hope you’re well. 

Today’s little blog post is for the florists out there … and it’s not exactly a small post. I’d probably give yourself ten minutes or so to read it, and maybe even think about pinning it on Pinterest to read in stages/later on. (P.S. I’d love that — thanks!) 


There are hundreds and thousands and perhaps even millions of florists out there, all desperately trying to make social media work for them — to boost sales, website views, followers, etc. With so many to pick from, it is important to try and make yourself stand out. That’s what I’d like to help you with today. 

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right in! 

10 Top Ways to Make Your Floristry Business Stand Out on Social Media

10 Top Ways to Make Your Floristry Business Stand Out on Social Media 2

1 – Make sure that your account name/username is the same across all social media platforms … 

Or as close as you can get. This makes you come across as more professional and like you really have your stuff together … even when you don’t! 

If you don’t have an actual business name, consider the idea right now. Look to see if other people or businesses are already using that name. The last thing you’ll want is for you to think of a cool name for your business, attempt to set up your social media accounts, and then realise that the username you want is taken … as is your second, third, and fourth backup usernames. 

If ‘kimsflowers’ is taken on Instagram, you can choose usernames such as – 

  • kims_flowers
  • kimsflowersessex
  • kimsflowerssouthend
  • kimmakesflowers

Just make sure that your usernames, etc., for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other places are the same. It’s going to be difficult for someone to find you all over if your username for each platform is slightly different — kims_flowers on Instagram, kimmakesflowers on Facebook, and kimsflowersessex on Twitter. It’ll be easier for someone to find and follow you all over if your usernames are the same in all places. 

10 Top Ways to Make Your Floristry Business Stand Out on Social Media 4

2 – Get your profile photo right. 

Should you use a photograph of your best floral arrangement for your profile pictures on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, etc.? Well, that call is totally down to you. If you want my opinion, though, I think you should use a photo of YOU. People respond very well to people on profile images rather than logos, and any social media manager will tell you that a picture of you will be the best fit.

You could use your business logo, of course, which is another popular choice. 

But a photo of your flowers or similar? Nope. That’s probably not the best idea. You’ve got plenty of space and time to show off your best floral arrangements. Your profile picture space is not the place for that. 

3 – Name that town.

If you’re a small florist there’s a good chance you’re not working with a larger, international or national florist. Therefore, local customers are more important to you than reaching the masses across the world. (For now …) 

If you want to target potential new customers in the area that you live or work in, you’re going to need to tailor your social media so that it works that way. Thankfully, there are more than enough ways for you to do just that. 

Take a peek at this tattooist and artist’s Facebook page – you’ll see that it very clearly says “Leigh-on-Sea”.

10 Top Ways to Make Your Floristry Business Stand Out on Social Media 5

[You can find his page here: Stephen Verne Artist.]

If you’re a small and local floristry business, you’re going to want to make it very obvious where you work as soon as possible. Unless you’re working with a larger company to deliver flowers outside of your area, someone in Kent is not going to want to hire someone in Essex to deliver flowers in Kent. They might, on the other hand, want to hire someone in Essex to deliver flowers to someone they know in Essex. And the #supportsmallbusiness campaign is [quite rightly] very strong right now.

Aren’t you a small and local business that they should be supporting? The first step is making sure that your customers know you’re out there. Location-based settings and features are a great place to start, and I highly recommend using location features on Instagram, as well as location-based hashtags on Twitter. 

Helpful blog post: A Guide to Using Instagram For Your Small Floristry Business

4 – Become a storyteller. 

You don’t need to be a Times best-selling writer in order to write amazing captions on social media. You just need to be yourself and tell your story. 

Out of the two following examples, which do you think is the better Instagram caption? —

Caption A: Here’s a floral arrangement I did as practice last night. 

Caption B: Lots of coffee, a pinch of creativity, and more than a few tears … here’s what happened during my evening of floral practice! What do you think of this arrangement? Who would YOU buy it for? 

Caption a is boring. 

Caption b is not. 

The second caption [b] tells a story, deliberately ASKS for engagement (comments, tagging someone else, etc.), and keeps your audience looking at your wares for a little bit longer. If you capture their attention, you might just capture a sale. 

Caption b also opens yourself up for MORE engagement. When/if someone asks why the tears, you can respond — a back and forth of engagement. If someone relates to your struggles, you can back and forth about that too. The aim of the game is to insert something into your caption, whether it’s for Instagram or any other social media platform, that encourages your audience to interact with you. The easiest way to do that is to be relatable. Admitting that you struggled to do something definitely makes you relatable. 


5 – Include a call-to-action. 

A call-to-action is something specific that you want your audience to do, and you should make sure that you include this action in every single social media post you put out there. If you have a blog, you should include a call-to-action at the end of your blog posts. 

A call-to-action could be asking your Instagram audience to follow you on Facebook or calling out for new subscribers to a new email newsletter. You could ask them to check out the new products in your shop by directing them to a link — either in the post or, in the case of Instagram, with the ‘link in bio’. It could also be asking your audience to check out the new sale items, or what’s on special offer for a big event or occasion coming up. 

If you don’t ask your audience to do something, you’re missing an opportunity. There’s no better way to get engagement and growth than to go out there and ASK for it. 

10 Top Ways to Make Your Floristry Business Stand Out on Social Media 6

6 – Have business accounts … 

… across the board. If it’s Facebook, make sure your floristry business page is a Page and not a personal account. If you’re signing into one account for your personal stuff and another for your business, there’s a chance that Facebook could close one or both of those accounts down, even when you use a different email address. It goes against Facebook’s terms and conditions for you to have multiple accounts for one person, and that’s why Facebook Pages are a thing. 

“Facebook is a community where people use their authentic identities. It’s against the Facebook Community Standards to maintain more than one personal account.”

Instagram offers business accounts, and when you sign up to one of those you’ll get access to stats and analytics for your account that will help you get more followers and learn more about what your audience enjoys. The same applies to Pinterest —- you’ll learn which pins are popular and for what reasons.

Business accounts look more professional, and they usually come with benefits that WILL help once you learn how to read and then use them right. 

Instagram and Pinterest accounts can easily be converted from personal to business accounts. If you have a secondary, personal Facebook account for your business (that you need to friend-request for), you’ll probably need to restart with a Page. 

Pages are also more suited for your floristry small business needs than a Group. So confusing, right?! I found a blog post on howtogeek that you might find useful >>> What’s the Difference Between a Facebook Profile, Page, and Group?

7 – Focus on your favourite social media account(s) … 

… to start with. Why? Because you’re going to be more inclined to work on something that you actually enjoy. If you hate-hate-hate Twitter but are trying to master using it for your business needs, there’s a chance you’ll ignore notifications, put off tweeting, or get bored and forget about it entirely within a few weeks. 

What’s your favourite social media platform? Start with that one. Figure it out, learn all the features and functions, create a strategy that works for you, and then move on to learn and use another platform, if you want. Trying to master all of the platforms right from the very beginning will probably leave you feeling overwhelmed … and wanting to give it all up in a heartbeat. 

8 – Know your audience. 

By using the analytics that come with your social media platforms, such as Instagram Insights, you can get to know your followers/audience better, which then enables you to make their experience with your account a much more positive one. That’s a great way to make your floristry business stand out on social media — give them an experience they love! 

Instagram Insights tells you the times that most of your followers are online. You can use that knowledge. If more people are online at 9 pm on a Monday than at any other time, you know that posting at 9 pm on Monday is going to be a smart decision. More people are online, which means more people will see your content, and that gives you the chance to lure in more engagement — likes, comments, etc. 

There’s a little tutorial on how to find and read Instagram Insights in this Instagram post.

10 Top Ways to Make Your Floristry Business Stand Out on Social Media 7

Business accounts give you these stats and figures — analytics — for a reason. They actually DO help you to grow your account and learn more about your audience. They’ll also help you to figure out the things that AREN’T working so that you don’t waste more of your time doing them. 

9 – Use your social platform’s features. 

In 101 Instagram Tips for Bloggers, Influencers & Small Businesses I said that you shouldn’t feel pressured into using all the new, spangly features Instagram keeps dropping if you feel intimidated by them. 

At the same time, I also advised that you play around with them in your own time anyway. 

Instagram has so many features, all of which are designed to help you make your floristry business stand out on social media. It would be an absolute shame not to use them … at some point. Instagram Stories, for example, is great for videos — and they don’t need to be REAL videos. You can make slider-style videos with multiple images if you’re intimidated by the thought of projecting you or your face to the world … live. Or just spangle up a still image with cool stuff available on the app for effect. 

The different social media platforms have different features and functions that can be used to make your small floristry business really stand out.

Instagram has Stories and geolocation features.

Facebook has things like deals and offers.

These can turn a regular, 10% off shout-out post into something that is big, bold and almost impossible to ignore. 

I recommend having a look at what the different platforms offer in terms of features, and then maybe think a little more about actually using them. It can’t hurt to learn, and you might just find a brand new favourite thing to play with. 

10 Top Ways to Make Your Floristry Business Stand Out on Social Media 8

10 – Improve your photography. 

I’m going to start off by saying that I’m not a professional photographer. In fact, I’m crap at it. If editing software and apps didn’t exist, I’d never feel brave enough to share my shots with the world. I find the entire subject of photography very confusing, even when there’s a simple, “idiot’s guide” to it right there in front of me.

A social media post is nothing without a decent image. Thankfully, it doesn’t take a lot to turn a meh image into a wow! one. I have a bazillion and one different photo editing apps on my phone, but the ones I tend to use the most are Adobe LightRoom (for brightening and making white stuff look whiter), Aviary, VSCO, Moldiv, etc. 

Your phone *IS* good enough to take blog or business photos with, and it helps if you know what yours can do. Play around with the different features of your camera. Use the various settings on offer. I especially recommend taking some time to play around with portrait mode if you’ve got an iPhone. Honestly, it’s the best. We’re all using it. 

Helpful blog post: 7 Things That Ruin Your Blog and Social Media Photos

And there you have them — the top 10 ways to make your floristry business stand out on social media. Which of these tips do you think you’ll utilise first? And what’s your favourite social media platform? 

If you’d like to chat with me about your social media strategy [and/or hire me!], shoot me a message — you can find me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also reach me by email. 

Thanks so much for reading today. Have a fabulous day! 


10 Top Ways to Make Your Floristry Business Stand Out on Social Media 3

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