10 Spooktacular Halloween Marketing Ideas for Florists

Halloween Marketing Ideas for Florists
10 Spooktacular Halloween Marketing Ideas for Florists-2
10 Spooktacular Halloween Marketing Ideas for Florists-4
10 Spooktacular Halloween Marketing Ideas for Florists
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Looking for a way to make the most of Halloween this year? If you’ve Googled “Halloween marketing ideas for florists”, I’m assuming you are, and I personally think you’ve made a smart decision. There’s a lot to be said for making the most of an event or occasion, and you can do this with a number of different dates/events throughout the year. Halloween is just one of them, but many of the tips that you will read in this blog post can also be classed as “evergreen” tips — tips that will work all year round; not just for 31st October.


A little advice before we get started:


I recommend that you get yourself fully prepared many months in advance. We’re only just about in August now, but I still think that’s a little late to start Halloween planning. Most bloggers and social media managers/expert suggest working at least three or four months in advance. That sounds like being OVER-PREPARED, but at least then you’re not rushing around and trying to take advantage of the occasion right at the last minute.

Being over-prepared is a hundred, bazillion times better than being underprepared. I’m underprepared all the time and it really does suck.

It’s never too late to start planning something that might benefit your business, so if you haven’t started yet, start thinking about Halloween now. Next year, start a bit earlier. Aim to start working on your Halloween marketing ideas for florists in June.


10 Spooktacular Halloween Marketing Ideas for Florists


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1 – Offer Halloween-Specific Bouquets/Arrangements


Whether you add them to your website store or throw them online to grab some social media attention, you are missing out on a great opportunity if you do not create Halloween-specific arrangements for the big day. Not everyone will jump on the Halloween bandwagon, decorating their house to give out candies to the kids that knock on by. Some will, though. And those that will, might just be looking for the kind of floral display you’re offering. This is even more so the case for businesses. There are plenty of businesses that might look for a Halloween-themed floral arrangement, including hotels, restaurants, and even bars/clubs/pubs.

How will they know to buy from you — a local small business that they would LOVE to support — if you haven’t shown off what you can offer yet?


2 – Trawl Through Pinterest


Pinterest is an absolutely AMAZING tool for finding inspiration when you have none, and there are some really awesome ideas for Halloween. I have a Halloween board for florists, just in case you fancy taking a peek at it. I’ve added lots of spooky-themed floral arrangements. There’s bound to be something that sparks your creativity!



Never steal someone’s idea. That’s a really crappy thing to do. If you used another person’s design as inspiration, at least give them credit for being your inspiration. If you don’t and they come across your image, recognising it as being exactly the same as theirs (or HEAVILY inspired by), they might call you out on it. Their fans will start having pops at you, on your social media pages, and the last thing you’ll want is a rumour going against your name that you copy other people’s ideas.

That doesn’t sit well with customers. You just need to look at the many Instagram comments left on small clothing designers’ images after they’ve displayed how yet another large clothing brand has 100% copied their original design.


3 – Look Around


Look at the social media pages of bigger florists. You know — the really well-known ones that everyone uses. What are they doing differently to you? Again, don’t steal their ideas, but use them as inspiration. Did they have seasonal-specific arrangements on offer last year? Yes, you’ll need to scroll a fair bit back on their social media pages, but at least you’ll get a good idea of what everyone else is doing and you’re not.


You shouldn’t do what everyone else is doing. You should do what everyone else *isn’t* doing, but you won’t know what that is until you start looking. After a while, you’ll start to notice little gaps in the market.


“Oh, I’d do that slightly differently, adding *that* flower in the background, and perhaps a bit more greenery around the top, too.”


You know — like how men tell the referee in the television how to monitor the football game, right from the comfort of their own armchair. Be that person. But don’t just talk about it — actually do it. Make the flowers that you’re describing when you say that you can do better.


4 – Get Creative


I’m not talking about flowers, although you should definitely get spookily creative with those. I’m talking about other stuff, like, the pots that flowers come in, for example. If you’ve got a bunch of old vases or planters that no one wants, give them a new lease of life. Upcycle them. Paint them. Decorate them. Paint old brown pots orange for Halloween, and use them for your spooky display arrangements. Spooky spiders, ghostly ghouls, whatever you like. The spookier the better.

Be the inspiration that other people need. Once they see that fabulous bouquet on the table as they walk in your florist door, they’ll definitely need it on the dining room table when they have everyone around for dinner. That kind of thing. Sometimes, you just gotta show these people what they’re missing. If you don’t get creative, how will they know what they’re missing out on?

Again, I don’t want to say that Pinterest is the only hub of activity as far as recycling/upcycling for Halloween goes, but it really is one of the best places to start. You’ll find tutorials on everything and anything, from creative little plant pots for succulents that look like pumpkins to creating massive and ornamental, multi-tiered arrangements that look good enough for royalty.

Not that I’m pushing my own boards on you again (I totally am), but I also have a Halloweenie-themed board, too. Ya know … just in case you wanted to check it out. Perhaps give me a cheeky follow? A repin or two … ?



If you don’t ask, you don’t get and all that.


5 – Create a Halloween Poll


And, at the same time, get a really good idea of what your customers are actually for. If you’re wondering whether or not people really do decorate their homes for the spooky night, ask them. If you don’t know whether people would buy a Halloween-themed display for their homes, ask them. Just as I said earlier: if you don’t ask, you don’t get. There’s only one way to find out those answers.

Polls on social media really help with questions like this. People don’t actually need to take out of their day to respond via a comment or a ‘like’, and some people don’t like handing out social media engagement willy-nilly. (Like my Nan, who doesn’t trust social media in the slightest!) A poll gives them the opportunity to click and let you know their answer, without them having to actually do anything. Well, apart from a click, of course.


6 – A or B? [Asking For It]


Which Halloween display do you like better? A or B?


What better way to get people talking, than to ask for their opinion on something. You know how EVERYONE loves to have an opinion, especially on the internet. You can use that to your advantage, checking to see which of your floral designs fare well with the general public. If you give them two options and ask them to pick one, and even perhaps tell you why, you’ll get to really know your customers, encourage a bit of engagement from them, and may even bag yourself a few extra sales.

Who knew you even offered Halloween-themed floral arrangements?

Most of your customers probably didn’t know. Until now.


This trick can be customised and tweaked for ANY time of the year.

  • Which Mother’s Day flowers do you prefer? A or B?
  • How about these two floral designs? Which one looks more romantic for Valentine’s Day?
  • Which of these two arrangements make you feel the most Christmassy?


I’m sure you get a good idea. Go crazy with questions. Your audience will LOVE that you’re trying to get them involved.


7 – Host a Competition …


… with a ghoulish arrangement as the prize! Just a little word of advice, though: if you’re offering a Halloween-themed arrangement as the actual prize, you might want to look at picking a competition winner on the 30th of October. There’s not much point in offering a Halloween-themed floral arrangement as the prize if you pick a winner on 31st October. The winner won’t pick up their prize until the day after — 1st November. It’s no longer Halloween. The flowers are no longer relevant.


You don’t need to give a Halloween-themed arrangement as a prize, of course. You could offer up a voucher for any arrangement (up to the value of a certain amount), to be redeemed within the next 6 or 12 months, as the winning prize for a Halloween-themed costume.


Alternatively, you could ask kids to create their best spooky picture, winning the voucher as a prize for Mum.

You could ask parents to come up with great Halloween makeup ideas, the voucher being presented to the best costume or makeup.


There are plenty of competition ideas you could come up with, and if you didn’t want to faff around with actually judging something, you could just host a giveaway instead, without needing to do anything except like/share/etc. to enter. There are plenty of websites that’ll offer a hand as far as PERMITTED Facebook competitions are concerned.

[Make sure you know/read the Facebook T&C’s first. You’d be surprised by what you AREN’T allowed to do in a Facebook competition!]


What’s the point in a competition or giveaway? People LOVE them. Those people will be more likely to ‘like’ your page if you’re offering the chance of a freebie just for doing it. Your audience will also probably engage more if they have a reason to.


8 – Create Floral Arrangements In or Around Pumpkins


It should go without saying, but I actually asked a florist whether or not they’d actually done anything with pumpkins before, for Halloween, and they just gave me a bit of a blank look.

They’re not just great for carving out and throwing tealight candles in … You can also hollow out the centre of a pumpkin, throw in a glass vase, and then fill with the spookiest floral arrangements you can get your hands on. Sell it or just use it a decorative piece for your flower shop. The choice is yours.

It’s clever, simple, and Halloween-themed. And I bet it looks bloody awesome, too. Don’t forget to show me if you try it. I can add your picture to my Halloween for floristry Pinterest board! 😉


9 – You Could Grow & Sell Pumpkins …


Okay, so, clearly this marketing strategy will need a little forward planning, but for Halloween 2019 you could be totally prepared by growing your own pumpkins and then selling them when the time comes. (If you have a large enough garden or yard to grow them in. Or you could use them in your own floral arrangements as I’ve already suggested.)


10 Spooktacular Halloween Marketing Ideas for Florists 5


Pumpkins start off best when the seeds are popped in soil, in little indoor pots, and you can even buy ready-to-go seedlings in pots from some garden places. The seedlings should be placed in the ground in around June time, perhaps in May if the weather is nice enough. Pumpkins need lots of sun, plenty of hydration, and a little bit of protection if the weather turns bad, such as, with frost and high winds.

There are lots of different ‘types’ of pumpkin, ranging from really easy and “ordinary” ones that you can grow with little hassle to miniature and ornamental pumpkins, which often take a little extra work to get ready for harvesting.

Alternatively, do you know someone else who grows/sells pumpkins? Perhaps you could work with a local business? Just a suggestion …


10 – 10 Plants You Won’t Be Able to Kill This Halloween


Firstly, that’s a blog post just begging to be written. Secondly, that’s a great idea for some Halloween marketing for florists, especially for social media posts.


Succulents, such as Aloe Vera, are easy to take care of and tough to kill. The same can be said for cacti — you’d need to be neglectful for a long time to kill off those types of plants. Plus, they look great.

Chinese Evergreen — that’s another one that’s pretty hard to kill. Add Dumb Cane to the mix. The Jade Plant. Peace Lily. Spider Plant.


Do you sell any of these in your florist? Houseplants are a big thing these days, bringing so many benefits into a home if you believe all the science-speak. It might be worth branching out, just to see how things go if nothing else. Let’s say that you start stocking succulents. Along with your fun tough-to-kill fact that works perfectly for Halloween, you could also offer a discounted rate on those plants/flowers. Not quite a floral arrangement, but still something to think about.




I came up with so many marketing ideas when piecing together this blog post that I also created a list of more ideas that you’ll get for free when you sign up to the UKWordGirl Social Media for Floristry Masterclasses. [Also, free, sign up below.] If you want to learn how to make Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest work better for your small, local floristry business, I can highly recommend them 😉


Thanks so much for reading today. I hope you’re in a good place to start making the most of those big events that happen throughout the year. As a final note, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas. In fact, I started thinking about Christmas five or six weeks back, but that’s only because I promised myself I’d be super prepared this year. How prepared are you going to be?


Coming soon: 15 Christmas Marketing Ideas for Florists That ‘Sleigh’ 🎄

(*Yes, we’re talking about Christmas ALREADY!)


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