10 Beauty Blog Roundup Posts You Could Probably Put Together In 15 Minutes

Beauty Blog Roundup Posts


I published a blog post a while back, talking about creating ‘roundup’ blog posts.

Read it here: New Things You Can Do With Old Blog Posts: A Roundup


The idea is that you pump some life into older blog posts that don’t get as many views now, as well as creating a brand new piece of content. And the best news? If you plan things out, you could have potentially hundreds of new content ideas, all from the stuff you’ve already published on your blog. 

** These suggestions apply not just to blogs, but YouTube channels, Instagram content, and much more. 


I actually started this particular blog post with a list of ‘roundup’ post ideas that I’d put together for a beauty blogger who came to me for help. She’d been blogging for a few years, had covered quite a lot of really good stuff on the blog, and was starting to struggle to find inspiration for new things to talk about. I thought about it for half an hour, going back over some of the content already published and starting scribbling down ideas — new content that the beauty blogger could create from content she’d already published. 

And I’ve decided to share some of those ideas with you lovely lot today! 


10 Beauty Blog Roundup Posts You Could Probably Put Together In 15 Minutes


These suggestions are just that: suggestions. Take them and make them your own. Tweak them. Change them so that they are better. If YOU have read this blog and taken down some of the content ideas, so will someone else. Just a little something to think about. 

Anyway, let’s jump in!


1 – ON THIS DAY … 

Why not throw it back to blog posts that you wrote on that day, the year before, or two years before, or every year that you’ve been blogging? You’ll bring new traffic to old blog posts that might not be all that popular now, and it won’t take you very long to create the ‘new’ piece of content. 

You could compare the makeup products or brands you were using a few years back to what you’re using now. Or makeup looks/styles. Maybe your eyebrows have evolved? Or your blending skills? It’s always a great idea to go back and see how far you’ve come … Why not do just that? 




Do you have a favourite brand? Perhaps there’s one brand that you’ve used time and time again, featuring them in a number of different blog posts? That’s a roundup blog post just waiting to happen. 


Here are a few title ideas – 

  • I Tried 10 Maybelline Products & This Is What I Thought {link to blog posts that mention/review the Maybelline products}
  • 5 Makeup Looks Featuring the Urban Decay XX Palette  
  • The 3 Beauty Products I Used the Most in 2018 {link to some/all older blog posts in which you used those 3 beauty products}




While we’re on the subject of brand favourites, we should probably include a few ‘Negative Nancy’ moments … 


Here are a few title ideas – 

  • 6 Makeup Products I Used Once & Never Again in 2018 {link to older posts featuring them, unboxing content, review content, etc.}
  • 3 Palettes I was Excited To Get & Then Totally Disappointed By 
  • 5 Beauty Brands That Disappointed Me in 2018


You haven’t gotta bash a company in order to put your negative view across. There are ways of saying that you don’t like something without ripping the product or the company to shreds. Unless they deserve it, obviously, but I’m not one to pass judgement.

(Ha! Who am I kidding? I’m the most judgemental person I know!) 




How many blog posts, Instagram posts, or YouTube videos have you created that feature makeup suitable for a day at the office? Take a photo from each of the content/posts, write a little bit about the look, and then link back to the blog posts originally featuring it. Once you’ve pieced four or five looks together, not only will you have a brand new piece of content that you can share, with the ability to make money using affiliate links (if you do that), but you’ll also direct people to other posts on your blog.


Readers love to find everything they’re looking for all in one place. That’s what your roundup content is offering them. 




While we’re on the subject of makeup and beauty products for work, why not look at the products you use most for day-to-day or working-day use?


🌿 Is there one foundation that you use in almost all of your makeup photos because it actually does last the eight-hours it promises to? Talk about the foundation, and then link to other posts or content that feature that foundation (either because you’re talking about it or wearing it). 


🌿  Is there a lip product that you’ve bought a hundred tubes of because you love it so much for a subtle wash of colour that really hydrates? Again, talk about it, before linking to other posts or content that feature it. 


🌿 Is there an eyeshadow palette that you’ve used every day for about three months, and you’re currently thinking about purchasing a new one? You know the drill by now: talk about it, before linking to other posts or content that feature it. 


Wouldn’t you be more likely to buy a beauty product if you’ve seen someone else get a bunch of uses/looks out of it? I know I would. That’s what you’re doing when you’re talking about these products: you’re giving the reader PROOF that you know what you’re talking about and the product is worth buying. You wouldn’t use/feature something twenty times if it were a piece of crap, would you? 


Beauty Blog Roundup Posts 2




Is there a big event or occasion coming up? Wedding? Birthday party? Valentine’s Day? Christmas? Pick the next one on the calendar, and then go through your blog to find makeup looks that you’ve created, that you think you could wear for it. 


♥️ Valentine’s Day is easy — you can feature *ALL* makeup looks that contain some sort of pink or red shade in them.

🎄 You could do the same thing for Christmas too, but throw in some green, gold, and a bunch of glitter for good measure.

👑 Birthdays? Well, you could really go crazy with that one, coming up with a weird and wonderful mix of looks to suit every kind of birthday party going.


Why not pick your favourite event or occasion? It is your blog after all! 


All you need to do is find five to ten (or however many you can find) looks that are appropriate for that particular event. Your new piece of roundup content could contain a photo of the look, a quick overview of the products used in that look, why you think it would be great for the event/occasion, and then a link to the older blog post that you originally featured it. 

Make sense? 


P.S. If you don’t already have the ‘older’ content I’m talking about, why not create it? You’ve got a guaranteed roundup post later down the line if you do. 




Set yourself a limit, say £5 or £10, and then find posts on your blog that talk positively about products that come in that price bracket. Did you write a review of a ‘cheapie’ makeup palette last year? That’s one product you could feature, and one blog post that you could link to. What about a full face makeup look that you did a few months ago, the whole thing done with products that cost less than a fiver? Yep, that’s another one that you could add to your new roundup content … and blog post you can link to. 


TIP: It is at times like this that tags and categories on your blog come in very handy. If you’d tagged all of your cheapie looks with the tag “under £5” or similar, they’d be easier to find when you want to create roundup posts for social media or new blog content. It might be worth implementing tags now if you haven’t already. They make it so much easier for your readers to find more of the content they’re looking for too. 




How many of the makeup looks featured on your blog or social media accounts were originally intended to look like something else? Perhaps you’d gone in hoping to recreate something pink and flirty, but actually went dark and sultry by mistake? Tell your audience about them! Show your readers how you *can* salvage a look that hasn’t gone to plan. Teach me … PLEASE! 




Why not feature makeup products, tools, or other products that you’ve used in a multitude of ways, in a roundup post?

An example: A Kat Von D liquid lipstick that you’ve used as lipstick AND eyeliner. 

Or a Tarte concealer that works well as a concealer AND an eyeshadow primer. 

Or a Huda Beauty eyeshadow palette with that one glitter shade that gives any lipstick a wonderful, metallic hue when dusted over the top. 


People LOVE to get the most out of the products they buy. Why not show your audience how they can do just that? I’d definitely be more inclined to buy a beauty product that I could use in a number of ways, so throw your best products at me. How many products in your beauty bag are versatile?




What are *your* best blog posts of 2018? Or 2017 Or ever? 

Why not create a little Top 5? Or Top 10? Link to each one, adding a little write up that explains why you love it so much. 

Shouldn’t we all celebrate the hard work we put into our content more? That’s just what this roundup blog post does — it gives you the opportunity to show off a little bit. Plus … all the stuff you need is right there and already published. The work you would need to put in to create an addition roundup piece is minimal. 



You would be surprised by just how much new content you can create using older, already-published content on your blog. If you’ve been in the biz for a number of years, you’re bound to have some really awesome pieces of content that are absolutely worthy of some new attention. I recommend going back through your blog/YouTube/Instagram every now and again, picking random blog posts or content and re-sharing, either on social media (as #throwbacks) or in a new blog post/piece of content like the ones I’ve suggested here. 

I really hope I’ve helped you create some awesome bits of new content today. If you’re at a loss as to what new stuff you can create from already-published content on YOUR blog (or other platforms), give me a shout! I’d love to throw some ideas your way. I’m also friendly … I promise! 


Thanks for reading, happy blogging! 

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